What Is Internal Customer Service

A company normally conducts its business with the external costumer. That is the source of revenue or income to the company or business. But a recent business phrase has been causing a lot of noise in the business scene, the internal costumer service. What is an internal customer service and how will it turn your business from good to great?

Well, here are the answers together with some tips on what internal customer service really is about.

External and Internal Customers – How they Differ?

A distinction must be first made between the external customers from the internal customer. So, what is an external customer? An external customer to put things in simple terms is the person who made the paycheck possible. Still at a lost on what an external customer is? The external customer is the one who pays for the product or services that the company provides. They have choice and their choice whether or not the product your company offers will be bought or not will make or break the company’s success.

The internal customer on the other hand can be anyone in the employment of the company it might be even a distributor who depends upon the products or services that the company offers and in turn will delivers such product or services to the external customer. It can also be a co worker or another department. Unlike the external customer these people or departments do not have the choice that the external customer enjoys.

Now that the distinction between the two is established let us correlate the two. Let us trace the relationship that the internal and external customer have and how the internal customer affects the external customer. First and foremost, a great external costumer service is good for business. It creates customer satisfaction and once a customer is satisfied that customer will become loyal and a loyal customer will be retained.

What Is The Connection Of That To Internal Customer Service?

Well, a great internal customer service likewise is good for business. But it has a requisite of a high communication environment. Meaning communications must be excellent for it to flourish. In the creation of a positive internal customer service, the different departments must cooperate and work cohesively with all the other departments. They must work productively to meet the common goal of providing excellent products and services to the external customer. The quality of the services that the company or business offers to its external customer is highly dependent upon the quality of service the internal customer can provide.


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