How to Transfer Property Deed

In this article, you will learn the essentials of a property deed and knowing the entire process behind the occurrence of a transfer.

From the drafting of the deed to the actual transfer of property, you will get to know more about it with this document.

Knowing What the Deed Is About

The deed is proof that shows you own a piece of property of land. It could be a deed for a land or a house that you claim as your very own. These deeds can be transferred from one individual’s name to another which means the transfer of the property too to the new name. This would assure the individuals involved that there would be no issues in the ownership titles and this is mostly used during divorce cases when a couple separates or in cases of death of an important member in the family.

Draft the Deed

You can find some samples of this said draft online or you can ask your personal lawyer to assist you with this quitclaim deed. If you have a lawyer on your side, you can request for him to make the document on your behalf. For example, if the transfer of deed will happen to a divorce, then it may state the method by which the property will soon be transferred. This draft document usually is composed of around one to two pages and would include various details like the street address of your property, the names and contact numbers of the parties involved, and the possible payments included during the transfer.

Have the Proper Signatures

You must be able to secure the signatures of the grantor and the grantee of the property deed. In most of the states, there are no more important requirements but these. But in some places like Vermont, Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas, Georgia and South Carolina, the deed must also bear the signature of the notary in a local office of the government. Examples of these offices would be the country clerk’s office or the registry of deeds.

Contact other Parties

You must keep in touch with all the other parties who might take interest in the deed. Examples of these would be the mortgage companies or maybe other joint owners to let them know that there would soon be a transfer of property in between individuals. There would be a lot of document changes in the process along with the point persons of the previous transactions. Hence, you must be responsible enough to arrange all these and let them know well about all the changes that would take place. Always seek the help and assistance of your lawyer so as to avoid any possible conflict that may arise.


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