How to Start a Motorcycle Detailing Business

If you want to start a motorcycle detailing business, you must begin with a plan. Learn the basics of detailing and make sure that you provide exceptional service all the time.

Advertise the business prior to opening and one way is to attend special events or networking functions in your area.

If you want a profitable business, you work out a comprehensive plan for a motorcycle detailing business. The market is continuously growing and so this type of business is quite promising. With the size of the motorcycle, you can detail it with ease and this will only take around 3-4 hours. Find a location for the business that you can lease out from the owner. There are many things you need and you must get them at the soonest possible time.

Starting a Motorcycle Detailing Business

You need a business license and make sure that you file an application in advance since it can take weeks to months before it can be approved. There is also a possibility of incurring liabilities in the future and you will need business insurance for this purpose. After addressing the legal aspects, you can now get a truck or van where you will carry the supplies. Aside from that, you will also need leather treatment, chrome polishers, rags, air dryer, buckets, washes, quality waxes, and water source. It is vital that you have a thorough understanding of the business so you can provide the latest services. With the right equipment, tools, and information, you will surely succeed.

You have to conduct a thorough research of the market. Find out the dates and time for motorcycle events, so you can attend. When you go to the events, you must give away business cards or flyers. This is your chance to reach potential clients. You must speak with riders and owners about the detailing projects that they need. As much as possible, you must offer on the spot service. Make sure that you provide all the details of the motorcycle detailing. Determine the right pricing strategies to use and since you’re just starting, you can offer an introductory price.

You can offer a basic price package and you can add extra for the add-ons. You can even offer monthly contracts, gift certificates or vouchers, and other promos. It’s best if you have keen attention to the tiniest details like foot pegs, rod joints, cables, etc. Quality services will give you more referrals. Once you get a project, you must check all dents, scratches, and other problems. To present your services, you will need to create a portfolio; take photos of all your projects and show them to new clients. This is one way to convince them about the services you’re offering. You can also ask help from family and friends for the promotions.


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