Starting a Security Guard Patrol Service Business

The steps to starting a security guard patrol service business are what you need to know if you wish to open such business.

According to Abraham Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs, once the physical needs are sated, an individual’s need for safety and security takes precedence and is manifested in behaviors such as locking the doors at night, installing burglar alarms, checking the background information of employees and more.

True enough security is important, not only at the standpoint of an individual but as well as for business and communities. This is where a security guard patrol service business comes in. It is one that checks and monitors communities as well as commercial and residential areas for threats in security.

In various locations, there is a demand for these security patrol services. These may include a variety of establishments such as airports, residential communities, schools and university campuses, shopping malls and others.

Here are the steps to starting a security guard patrol service business:

The first step involves the development of a business plan that will assess the market of the business and as well as identify existing competition in an area. The business plan will include the name or title of your business, and the type of business ownership (e.g. sole proprietorship, cooperative, corporation or other types). Also, it must include start-up costs and other fees which will be used for licenses and permits, training of security personnel, facilities and equipment as well as business supplies. However, if the entrepreneur prefers to starts the business with a franchised security guard patrol service, the franchisor usually gives the business plan.

Should the start-up cost be too heavy, you can always resort to business bank lenders such as Security Business Bank.

Your business should comply with government laws and regulations which usually includes the procurement of business insurance, and standard background check on prospective employees. Licenses, permits and other financial requirements may also be asked and are governed by the state operations law. To be sure if your security guard patrol service business is complying with laws, you can always consult with a local lawyer. You may also consider joining the National Association of Security Companies, otherwise known as NASCO. This organization provides its members with relevant updates and information on the legislation and governing rules and regulations of the state and federal industry.

Hire your employees. It is highly recommended that you coordinate with a reputable employment agency that is a specialist in security professionals hiring. This employment agency will be the one to conduct the background check on these security professionals. It is also tasked to be sure that the employees comply with gun permit laws and other required licenses and registration.

Acquire the needed facilities and equipment for the operation of the security patrol business. You may either want to purchase lease automobiles, or other vehicles, GPS systems, and communication equipment. You can also purchase the needed customized professional uniforms.

Market your security guard patrol service business. It can be marketed to various establishments – buildings, shopping malls, transportation service providers, school and university campuses. You can advertise your services in Yellow Pages. You can also make use of online advertising.


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    Would like to know the procedures to start a Security Guard Patrol Service in Roswell, NM. Would like to know the costs, license etc.
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    i want to start my own security guard patrol service as well somewhere around gauteng johannesburg south africa but then firstly i would like to know the costs and and how i can attend work shops concerning the starting security guard
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    Good morning. My name is Bayane Kabelo Justice. I am a professional educator and hold a grade B to E in security, including cash in transit. I am seeking assistance in opening a security training school. Could you please provide me with some guidance? Thank you.
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    Dear SIR/MADAM, my name is Calvin. I also want to start my bicycle patrol. Will you please be able to advise me on how to get there, please


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