Start a Business Card Printing Service

Do you have experience in advertising and you have a talent in conceptualizing? Do you have the artistry to transform ideas into interesting visuals?

Then you can be the man people would want to call when they need their business cards professionally done.

Start a service printing business cards that are unique, and impressive.

Giving business cards is a convenient way for many people to advertise about their businesses. Sometimes, it is the first marketing item a person sees about a company. As such, the need for a business card that is truly unique and stands out from the rest could not be emphasized enough. That is why people should put extra attention and effort in having their business cards made.

What it takes to Start a Business Card Printing Service

If you have been in advertising and you have a knack for developing concepts to advertise a product or service; and you have the artistry to transform that concept into interesting visual presentation, then a service printing business cards is one that you can start.

A Caveat on Starting a Business Card Printing Service

Before plunging into this business, however, bear in mind that there are certain limitations and considerations you have to think over before embarking in the uncertain but interesting world of business. That is so that you would be able to make an informed decision and prepare for possibilities like that it would still take months for startup businesses to start flourishing. Bear in mind that printing a business card has been made easy by several technologies such as printers, and softwares. In fact anyone with basic knowledge can make a business card using Microsoft Word or Publisher.

How You Can Beat the Odds in Business Card Printing

However, for businesses that wanted to make a really good impression with its business card, creating one is not as simple as choosing a template and supplying basic information like business name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and Web site. It is about creating a business card that really stands out. And this is a service you can offer with your knowledge about advertising and talent in creating concepts and designs specific for a particular type of business. This is your competitive advantage over softwares that are impersonal.

Tips in Creating Knockout Business Cards

  • Include a slogan or business concept that your customer lives by as a business.
  • A card doesn’t have to be a rectangle. It could be in any shape the owner wants it for as long as it complements the type of the business and contributes in name recall.
  • Be bright and generous in your color and experiment with non-traditional backgrounds
  • Just do make sure, however, that your text are large enough to be easily read and are of colors that come out prominently from the background
  • For a card that reflects elegance and affluence, use a thick one, at least a hundred pound. Use also rubberized or embossed printing for the text.
  • Utilize the back part of your card for something that will make the recipients want to keep it. Put a saying, a recipe, or a calendar on it.


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