Starting a Pad Printing Business

Have you ever wondered about pad printing? In theory, it’s a basic process of transferring two-dimensional images into three-dimensional objects. In actual practice, there are numerous variables affecting machine performance, productivity, and image quality.

Moreover, printing substrate, print speed, doctor blade, ink, and plate should also be considered. We can show you how to start a Pad printing business here.

Arguably, one of the versatile printing machines today is a pad printer. Pad printing is not only constrained to specific materials or flat surfaces, in fact, these machines can print into diverse products such as pens, calculators, clocks, mobile phones, watches, golf balls, and thousands of everyday items. You can pad print into any shape of product and virtually into any substrate material.

Pad Printing Business Guide

Printing into various promotional products can be a lucrative and exciting business. All you need is good quality printing equipment that is reliable, upgradeable, versatile, and easy to use. You can find different kinds of pad printers in the market today.

Pad printing is extensively used not only in promotional product printing but in industrial marking as well. Since there is a huge growth in promotional and corporate gifts, you can advertise your business to retail and wholesale clients at the same time. You may be concerned that this is a complex skill to learn but it will not be so if you choose a machine that has high quality training tools to help your business run in no time.

Startup a Pad Printing Business

Truly, the most important part of starting a pad printing business is the machine that you will use for creating the finished products. Here are some considerations for you to ensure that you are maximizing the supplies and equipments available for you:

  • Printing Subtrates – the material or substrate of the item where you will print on should be fully understood. Different subtrates use various inks for wear-resistance and adhesion.
  • Press Adjustments – automated machines have separate adjustments or control for ink impression and pickup. It’s prudent to start with light pressure and slow speed settings, increasing as needed.
  • Doctor Blade Preparation & Care – doctor blades are used to remove the ink from the surface of the plate; therefore, this should not contain cracks or nicks to prevent plate damage. Always clean them thoroughly.
  • Printing Pads – in many standard configurations, silicone printing pads may be custom manufactured in order to suit your need. They come in different hardness levels.
  • Ink Formulation – use the ink that’s specially formulated for the substrate you’re printing on. It’s also important to follow directions to achieve drying properties and optimal adhesion.
  • Pad Printing Plates – the aluminum photo-polymer plates are easy to use and inexpensive. On the other hand, machine engraved metal plates can be more expensive but they can easily handle high volume projects.


  • Raheel Walani said on December 29, 2010
    We are Dealing with pad printing on gloves. We need to know what methods and machines are available to make machine engraved metal plated to be used for pad printing. Prime Safety Limited, Shahbaz Garments, EPZA, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Jacques Mbengang said on June 8, 2011
    Hi, I am very interest to"Starting a Pad Printing Business".What level and where I can get training.I live in Gaithersburg MD.Can you please give me any informations about this business. Thanks
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    please send me information on how and where I can get trained in the pad printing business
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    Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I need to know we to find such machines and also Training Colleges available etc. I'm living in South Africa, Cape Town, Paarl, 7646
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    Interested in starting home business offering pad imprinted promotional items. Please send more information. thanks
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    Hi i am interested in pad printing in nj. I already have customers who will give me business and i am curious as to what i need to buy and what i dont. Thank you.
  • Bryan said on February 5, 2013
    Before you start any business in pad printing, screen printing, embroidery or promotional products / ad specialties of any kind, do your research. Google Distributors First and get our free report. There is a lot of money to be made in the industry! But you can waste a lot of money up front too.
  • Benjamin said on July 15, 2013
    I'm planning to open a full-service copy and printing business. What equipment will you recommend for the various services?
  • jitender said on November 22, 2013
    hi i am jitender, what do i need to start a pad printing machine manufacturing. please help me and give some mobile no.-9050671755
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    Hi I am Bijoy Santra from New Delhi Area, India. I want to start Pad printing business as part time job. Can you help me out? My mobile number is +919953497637
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    Hi I want to start a pad printing Business, Please help me out, I need information on how to go about it.
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    Hi,I m still a worker with very good skill in pad printing process,I leave in Batam Indonesia is willing to try establish a pad printing production business.please help me.thanks


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