How to Start Document Scanning Business

Conventional file cabinet systems are now a thing of the past. Many businesses have been put up to get rid of this time consuming work and contract this out.

In addition, financial industries and healthcare practices are required by current laws to protect their client records. We can guide you in starting your own Document Scanning Businesses.

Individuals and businesses grew tired of storing document papers in file cabinets. Since paperwork spill-out became a disorganized mess, many companies purchase dozens of cabinets in order to make room for these paper files. As a result, potential office space is easily eaten up with these unattractive metal bins. What’s worse is, in the event of a fire, all these important paperwork will be lost forever.

Document Scanning Business Plan

Document scanning businesses can scan important documents to store either in a CD-Rom or any other portable format. The advantage of this is the minimal space required to store the CD-Rom, which can also fit inside a fire-proof safe. In fact, many companies even ask document scanners to keep a copy of their files in their offices as a back-up copy in case something happens to their original CDs. As a business owner, you must decide in the beginning if this is a value-added feature you can offer.

The important first step in starting your document scanning business is choosing your territory. For instance, some areas like Vermont, South Dakota, New Hampshire, and Alabama still lacks these types of businesses so you would find that putting up one would be lucrative.

Document Scanning Business Guide

You can raise prices slightly if you’re the only one scanning the documents in your area. Most document scanners would charge on a per page basis but would be quick to give discounts for bulk work.

Here are the steps in starting your own Document Scanning Business:

  • Buy a fast computer to get started. Multiple computers would be best for this especially if you’re dealing with very large graphics.
  • Subscribe to a high-speed internet. Of course you would want to do things very fast, and slower connections could be very limiting and sluggish.
  • Purchase a commercial quality scanner that’s capable of feeding multiple documents. This would enable you to stack several documents into the hopper and just press one button in order to scan everything.
  • Get some training on operating scanning machines efficiently by taking a course or researching online.
  • Get in touch with your network – family, friends, and acquaintances. You’ve got to let them know about your business so that you can start marketing it.
  • You can also contact law firms, bookkeepers, and local accountants to refer you. These professionals typically advise their clients to store a digital copy of their records. Of course, advertising online would also be a practical tool to get your business out on the web.


  • Angela Yazza said on April 10, 2010
    St. Michaels, Arizona on the Navajo reservation. closes town would be Window Rock Arizona.
  • lucky said on April 18, 2010
    hi i would like to get some help on scanning document business
  • Bill Moore said on April 21, 2010
    I would like to start a document scanning business. I would appreciate any help. Bill
  • Esperience Saint-Louis said on April 30, 2010
    Hello, My name is Esperience Saint-Louis and I live in Louisville, KY. I am interested in opening a Document Scanning business but I can not find a place to get trained. Do you have a place or a company that I can get in touch with? Please, help me because I have been looking for work for the past 24 months, I do not have unemployment benefits. please help. Thank you.
  • Onkabetse said on May 4, 2010
    Hi i'm Onkabetse in Botswana, Gaborone i would like to stat the Document Scanning Business but i've no idea what is about. I will be grateful if you can assist me on this one.
  • Murtuza Lokhandwala said on October 14, 2010
    Hello, I am From Mumbai - INDIA. I have started my own business of Document Scanning with 3 Kodak i1420 Scanners. I am getting good response and good work. Its been just 4 months now but its really working. I have employed 6 people for doing this work.
  • Max Ramos said on January 6, 2011
    I have been working for other company but, I would like to start my own business in Dallas TX how much do you think I need to start?
  • Bruce said on January 17, 2011
    Hi I am thinking that I might start a document scanning business in Hemet Ca. I have a Bizhub C350 that is capable of scanning 35 B&W and 20 color documents per min is this fast enough. Also any information you could give me to help me be able to get setup would be greatly welcomed. Thank You
  • Barbara Lyons said on February 23, 2011
    Hi I am thinking of starting my own business of documents/drawings scanning service in Dublin Ireland. I need lots of advice re scanning equipment .My target market has never been tapped into as yet especially in Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Go ramhat maith agat.(thank you).
  • nick said on March 12, 2011
    i would like to start a document scanning in toronto. can you please advice?(equipment,software) thank you nick
  • Melissa said on March 14, 2011
    Can someone contact me about this business - i have some questions about starting up a scan business. (canada and asia)
  • Steve Malik said on April 26, 2011
    I just started my own scanning business in Toronto, I am looking for a partner to help me out. Someone smart hard worker, and a team player. please email me at
  • Kofi Baako said on May 27, 2011
    Looking to start a document scanning business in Accra, Ghana. would appreciate some information pertaining to what equipment and software one would need to be able to make this dream a reality. Various sizes of documents from envelopes to newspapers sizes would be scanned, also some books and ledger sizes too. At least would want to know what basics i need and then what other equipment one would need for the future. thanks in advance
  • Murtuza said on August 8, 2011
    Hello everyone. Good to see so many are interested in this Biz. I have set up my own Document scanning Co. and its really working fine. for any stuff u can mail me at
  • Anand Shinde said on November 28, 2011
    Hi Murtuza, I am from Pune and want to start a document scanning business in Pune. Need your help to do so Thanks & Regards, Anand Shinde
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    I am interested to start a document scanning business please send me details to
  • Edvinas said on February 3, 2012
    Hello, we are looking for document scanning business partner. We are from Lithuania. We can deliver all kind of services: document indexing, document OCR, converting images into PDF,doc,xls and so on, document scanning. We have lot of experience in document scanning and OCR business. Please contact us
  • sakthivel said on August 23, 2012
    sir i am sakthivel from vellore how many scanner machine cost. scanner per day how many pages scanner in machine. so details for my mail id sent to sir.
  • George Mirie said on December 10, 2012
    Hello, I am from Kampala, Uganda in East Africa. I have been contemplating starting a Document Management Business that would combine Document Scanning Service and Document Management Software. Can you give me specific tips regarding the scanners I would need and/or suitable software? I would also appreciate guidance as to what would be reasonable to charge for scanning per page.
  • Umesh Kumar said on December 14, 2012
    Hi, everybody i am a guy from banglore looking forward to carry on Document scanning business, can u people help me how to start this and to what type of clients we need to target .send information to
  • santosh kumar said on December 24, 2012
    we have experience to digitized all kind of documents and we worked online and offline business for private organization and government organization in all major cities of india [ Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Patna, chennai, Noida [U.P]. we've more than one and half years of experience. Our business is operating from New Delhi.
  • Tau Makhalemele said on January 14, 2013
    Hi i would like to start document scanning firm please help me with requisite information regading this kind of business.
  • Gary said on January 26, 2013
    I'm interested in starting a document scanning business and would like to know more. Thanks
  • Suchit said on March 11, 2013
    We are providing scanning and data entry services from Mumbai, India. Any body required this service can contact me on 9892300729 or We are ready to work on partnership or commission basis.
  • deborah buxton said on March 31, 2013
    I would like to start a scanning business in Alabama, I worked for a document scanning company for 5 years in Florida and feel if I could get this off the ground in Alabama it would be very profitable.
  • Afroz said on April 8, 2013
    Hi, I have expertise of handling Document Scanning & Digitization project. I am interested starting this business if anyone interested and willing to invest.
  • Suchit said on April 29, 2013
    @afroz where r u from
  • S. R. Quadri said on May 2, 2013
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    Hi @Suchit, I am from Delhi. Please contact me on +91-9654667055 /
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    Hi Afroz, What country are you located in? I am looking for business partner to start the document Scanning & digitization. Please contact me at the above listed email.
  • Rajeev Kapoor said on June 30, 2013
    Hi I am from Delhi, would like to start document management business here. Anybody having experience, knowledge n contacts in the concerned field , please email me : rajeev.
  • Javier said on August 2, 2013
    Hello, I started my Document Scanning Business a year ago and it is working now, I started with $3000 US dollars ( Scanner, computer, website and programs ) now I'm looking to expand to other areas of south of California and US, I would like to have a few partners around the country ( not international) so we can help each other. please contact me to this e-mail: Thanks!
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    I would like to know is there a high demand in North Carolina for Document Scanning business?
  • rohit sharma said on November 17, 2013
    hello frnds i am rohit and i am a supervisor document scanning company
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  • Godfrey charlie said on June 15, 2014
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  • Isi said on July 24, 2014
    I'm from Papua New Guinea. There is no document scanning company in PNG but only one. More demand. Currently I'm working on this one and wanted to start mine. Anyone wanted to partner with me or contact me so I can be your agent. Drop you email
  • Paul Njuguna said on January 16, 2015
    Thank you very much for your tips on how to start the scanning business. I am based in Kenya, Ruiru town, 15 Km from Nairobi city. i am starting one, having done alot of research on this and I am currently looking for an IT professional, who would steer the business as a business development officer. I would like to learn more about the sales strategies. Thank you Paul Njuguna
  • Rahel said on March 9, 2015
    Am rahel based in Douala Cameroon i want to starting a document scanning company any interested investor can contact me bcos i have done a detailed search and this business is not in my country.
  • Victor said on August 20, 2015
    Hi All, I am interested in this business and would like to be guided and not Franchise if possible. Can anyone guide me on how exactly to start and not upside down? I will greatly appreciate. Thanks Vic
  • morven said on August 31, 2015
    Am morven based in harare Zimbabwe i want to start a document scanning company. any interested investor can contact me. i have done a detailed search and this business is not in my country. Cell +263713014326
  • amritpal said on November 11, 2015
    Hi,I am planning to set up a document management and digitization company in Singapore. Anyone who would like to be partner or any technical help in this area will be welcome


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