How to Start Server Maintenance Business

In a company, there are critical technical issues of servers that need to be identified and solved immediately. Since a complete failure or malfunction of a server could significantly impact the operation of the entire network, wouldn’t you want a business that provides a service needed by thousands of companies?

? We have the answer for you here in starting a Server Maintenance Business.

Server maintenance is important for the software and hardware of any business. You need to have good knowledge and technical expertise to maintain servers properly. That’s why most companies would prefer to outsource their server maintenance to a third party provider. This is where you can come in as an expert to satisfy their needs.

Server Maintenance Business Plan

In a monthly or weekly basis, there are numerous tasks that should be performed to maintain any server. These tasks are necessary to ensure that the servers are functioning well. On the other hand, the company should also do their part in checking all errors and events on a daily basis to prevent any major damage to the servers.

When a server is down many times and there is no access to the software of the company, the entire transaction process may come to a halt. Good thing, there are a lot of effective tools that can be used to prevent this from happening.

Examples of these are software for the following:

  • Web Server and Email maintenance
  • Application Migration coming from Legacy Systems
  • Data Conversion from Legacy Systems
  • Data Center Maintenance
  • Network Maintenance
  • Firewall Maintenance
  • System Maintenance
  • Database Maintenance
  • Application Maintenance

Server Maintenance Business Guide

Server maintenance is not only for software. Non-receipt of signals and cable problems may also come up in maintaining a server. These problems can take some time to be reused and rectified for efficient functioning of the servers.

Don’t worry because there are plenty of manuals and books available as your reference and guide for the easy practice and periodic maintenance of a server. Running a server maintenance business includes the following checks:

  • Reboot the server
  • Test UPS protection
  • Test backup and restore
  • Printer Queues
  • Windows updates
  • All services running
  • Anti-virus
  • Event logs
  • Running Processes
  • Disk space

Non-critical concerns include an error or failure impacting business operation where workarounds are available while critical concerns include complete failure and malfunction in the server which significantly impacts the operation of the company. So if you want to start a server maintenance business, you should respond to critical issues within four working hours at the onset of the problem and then a follow-up by online visit. On the other hand, non-critical issues can be responded to within eight hours.


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