How to Start a Laser Tag Business

Shoot it right—here is how you can start your own laser tag business. With just an appropriate business plan, capitalization, site location, technology, and staffs, your laser tag business is the next big thing for enthusiasts alike.

Like in any other businesses, a business plan best dictate the present and the future of the enterprise.

This also goes true with putting up a laser tag business. Aside from having a business plan, here are the other details in establishing your laser tag enterprise.

The most convenient way by which to start your laser tag business is to purchase an already existing low technology laser tag enterprise and advance it to a more favorable one. This is less of a hustle since all you have to worry is to look for more technological advances in laser tag. This may also require just minimal changes in terms of staffing and business methods depending on your preferred operational system.

You may also start it by acquiring an existing laser tag arena. This promises also an immediate profit provided that, facilities are made ready for use.

On the other hand, you may start out by having high-end facilities and penetrate in territories with low marketability and profitability. This may enrich the market since it would possibly lead to a tougher competition, which is healthy for businesses.

Laser tag business can also be started from the scratch. The very first thing you have to consider here is of having a strategic location.

One of the securest ways to start this business is to associate and have arrangements with a company that offers franchising opportunity. This will secure you of a concrete business plan will less burden on marketing the quality of your service.

Ones you have selected among the aforementioned ways to start the business, comes next usually is the selection of location. You may hire a consultant to conduct marketing analysis to strengthen grounds on where to situate your enterprise. The location must at least accommodate the facilities and the equipment with consideration on human traffic especially in the arena.

Next thing to do is to get all paper works done, legally of course. Complete all the requirements, licensing, permits and the likes associated to establishing a laser tag.

What follows is to design the location or the arena as per franchise guidelines. The floors must be multi-level and heavy duty. Obstacles and ramps must be situated appropriately inside the arena. Entice more your customers by having some snack corners and other recreational stuffs.

When the arena has been put up accordingly, purchasing equipment and facilities should follow likes laser guns and sensors.

For finishing touches, set up the communication lines. Putting up computer controller will also be necessary.

Lastly, for your business to kick off, start hiring your staff that will work together for the success of your business.


  • Jennifer/Daniel Gill said on April 19, 2010
    Watertown, Wisconsin, America. Just curious on the steps, me and my husband would need to take to start our own laser tag business, we have no idea where to start and would like to know what we all need to do! If you could help us it would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  • MICHELE said on July 24, 2010
    Please send me info in how to get started for a Laser Tag business. Does this type of business earn a profit?
  • Kathryn said on September 6, 2010
    Atmore Al. I'm interested in starting up a party place that has Laser Tag being the main event. Nothing much in atmore so we need something for the kid's. But where do I start? where do I get the equipment? Desperately needing some help...
  • Ryan said on September 21, 2010
    Cold Lake Alberta, Canada. Just wondering how profitable laser tag can be in a smaller community with around 20,000 people? Also I'm trying to gather as much info as possible for a buisness plan. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks
  • Antonio said on January 2, 2011
    Concord, NC. Would love to have some step by step information on starting a laser tag business.
  • Emma said on March 17, 2011
    looking into starting a laser tag, I live in a city with little to no entertainment in this area and think it would really take off here. I've hit a wall though, and really need some step by step instructions. Please send me any info that can keep me heading in the right direction!
  • Allison said on August 4, 2011
    I'm located in Kingston, Jamaica and i'm interested in opening a laser tag area, could you advise what i need to get started. Especially detailing what type of equipment that will be needed.
  • Dominic Kaina said on April 2, 2012
    I'M located in Maui, Hawaii and i'm very interested in opening a laser tag arena. I would greatly appreciate any info on how to start from the ground up, basically for a business plan mahalo-(thank you)
  • Reginald said on September 23, 2012
    Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Cost of laser tag business to mark sand bags, coffee sacks, cacao sacks rice sacks etc. Cost of simple equipment, and other utilities, C&F Freetown Sierra Leone
  • Peter Stenger said on December 18, 2012
    Looking to start a Laser tag arena in Germeny. aschaffenburg , close to Frankfurt and need the cost of a complete system and where to get. Fine regards Peter
  • Sheri said on January 25, 2014
    I am looking for info on starting up a laser tag business in my town. We dont have anything like that. Closes place to do laser tag is an hour away. So anu info would be great. Thank you.
  • Lisa Reeves said on November 7, 2014
    Hi, I am looking to start a laser tag company in my town. We don't have one - any information would be helpful!! Thank You..:)
  • Mike said on January 15, 2015
    I have found most of the steps of starting one, but I really need to know the estimates of starting one. I am looking at a 4600 sqft location. That means the arena will be about 2500, and plan on a second floor of about 1000, and plan on using at least 24 vests.


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