Making Your Own Business Card

The founder of the Business Card Museum, Ken Erdman, once stated, “The business card is a kind of extension of yourself. It is a little bit of giving yourself to someone else.” True enough. Business cards give one a face to the people who receive and have it.

They speak so much of the person in print. They, in a way, create an image of the person into the mind of others depending on its appearance, design and appeal. Needless to say, making your own business card is a task that requires personalization.

Business cards are valuable, not only to those in the corporate but as well as to other individuals such as teachers, students, parents, family members and even a personal haircutter has one, too. At first look, business cards are just mere pieces of paper, cut in a size to fit a portion of one’s wallet or purse. Then again, they contain the most basic information regarding a new acquaintance whom one may have met in the mall, a party or a formal function. These information usually include the name of the person, the profession, title or designation, the person’s enterprise or business (if there is any) and where and how to contact him or her (phone or mobile number, home or office or email address).

How does one make his or her own business card without hiring someone to do it? Simple. Follow the guide below and you would not need professional help and fortune just so to make your own business card! The steps are easy to understand:

  • Decide on the information you want to include in your business card. Choose the title that best fits you. Be certain of the information you include, especially regarding how to contact you. Make sure your contact numbers and address are right.
  • Decide on the “feel” of your business card. It can be either formal or informal.
  • Look at other business cards that you may have collected from acquaintances. See if there is any that you would want to borrow and put in your own business card.
  • Make a draft of your business card. Sketch it out. Design it yourself. Put in graphics.
  • Using a software or program (e.g. Publisher, Word, etc.), lay-out your business card. You have the choice of selecting among the existing business card templates or start from scratch.
  • Should you decide to use a software or program, you now have the choice of importing graphics from clip art or scan from an outside source. Customize your business card as you have it planned and drafted.
  • Print your very own business card using any of these: business card stock, index card stock, plain paper, photo paper (either gloss or matte) and even in specialized paper. The choice is all yours.
  • Cut your printed business card using a scissor or a paper cutter. You may even just tear them apart, just make sure you do so neatly.
  • Now, you are ready to meet people and exchange business cards with them.


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