Designing Business Cards from Home

If you want to create business cards, you don’t have to pay for them. It is possible to create your own business cards from home. You only need a computer, internet, printer, and quality business card paper.

The designs can be made from your own computer and you can download software for more designs. Print them out and you have a business card.

Designing Business Cards Using Microsoft Word

One of the most important aspects of the business is advertising. There are many methods of advertising and this includes sending out business cards. You don’t have to purchase the business cards because it’s possible to design them from home. All you need is a computer, printer, quality paper, and Microsoft Word. It’s up to you whether you will create fancy business cards or simple ones. You can add the business logo or even your picture using the right software. Here are the instructions on how to create your very own business card.

Go to the ‘file’ and click on ‘new’. From there, you can open the menu ‘tools’ and click on the ‘envelopes and labels’. Click the ‘options’ to ensure that the menu ‘product type’ is set at Avery standard. Choose the ‘3612-Business Card’ found in the ‘product number’, then press ‘ok’. Press the ‘new document’ and a template will appear that is suitable for creating business cards. Make sure that you already have a file in your computer of the business name and logo so that you can easily add it to your business card. To get the logo, go to ‘picture’ found in the insert menu.

Adding Graphics to Business Cards

You can adjust the graphics according to your preferred size. You are also free to choose the text and font that you will use for your name, company, business address, email address, fax number, and your phone number. You can just copy and paste the design on one business card to other spaces in the page. Don’t print the business cards yet. You can check their final appearance through the ‘print preview’. If you like the design, you can now save it. Place the paper for the business cards in the printer, press ‘print’ found in the toolbar.

Some people prefer to create fun business cards but you can also create formal ones for your business. Creativity can help you in designing the perfect business card. If you want to put a picture, you can scan a photo or you can take a picture using your webcam. Copy the photo and place it on the business card. If you want to create attractive and stylish business cards, you can download software. Find sites that offer free trials of the software so that you can create business cards for free. Always use quality paper for your business cards. After printing, you can now send out the cards to clients and potential customers.


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