Home Shopping Credit Account

Along with the benefits of the arrival of Information Revolution that gives you the easiness to transact business at home, there is also one danger that lurks behind the other side of the coin: identity theft.

Learn how you can protect your home shopping credit account from this danger.

Since the arrival of the Era of Information Revolution there are already many physical comforts that it has given to humanity or people in general. One of these comforts is the ability to transact business right in the comfort of one’s home. And to go a layer into that comfort is the chance to shop right even in the premises of one’s home. People from all walks of life can now order online whatever they need or want to purchase.

But opposite this side of the coin where there is easiness and accessibility of making a transaction online is the danger that lurks somewhere in the system or risks as created by malicious people. This danger is identity theft wherein one’s home shopping credit account can fall so some unscrupulous people who use it to steal money from the owner.

Since this danger is not just a product of a fictional mind but is a reality that all home shopping credit account users should be concerned of, here are some ways to combat it.

The Phishing Scams that Robs You of Your Home Shopping Credit Account

Phishing Scams since the birth of the Internet seemed to have been there all along and used by unscrupulous people to rob people of their identity, like their credit account. This scam is done through email that purports to be coming from a legitimate organization you do business with. This email will tell you to divulge important personal information so they can steal your home shopping credit account. The rule is don’t fall on this scam.

Locked Padlock Icon for Your Home Shopping Credit Account

When you are shopping online or you are a regular online shopper there is one rule that can prevent you from falling from unscrupulous people getting your home shopping credit account. When you are in a site for example, look for the locked padlock icon on your browser window when ordering a product. Also observe that the url of the site change from http to https indicating that security. When you have done this precautionary observation the percentage of you being robbed of your identity is low.

Don’t Save the Number of Your Home Shopping Credit Account

There are instances during your transaction with your favorite site that the browser would ask if you want to save your credit card number or not. The intelligent thing to do in this case is not to save it. It saves you from other people finding out your home shopping credit account.


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