Books on Customer Satisfaction

If you would like to target bigger sales and more profit this year, you need to examine a lot the customer satisfaction that your products are giving to the customers. By doing this, you will be able to know your edge among the other competitors and you can also change the things that is giving our company bad points.

Reading this article can be of great help to you because you will be able to increase your knowledge more on employing customer satisfaction techniques with the help of books on customer satisfaction.

There are lots of books both in bookstores and online today. This article will provide you with the list of top books that can provide you with the new innovations when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction and looking for new techniques on how to do it.

What are the Books on Customer Satisfaction?

There are top 8 books that will provide you with the information you need to know about improving the customer satisfaction. They are as follows: Loyalty Rules by Reichheld, Managing Customer Value by Gale, Good to Great by Collins, Built to Last by Colins and Porras, Customer Satisfaction Measurement Simplified by Vavra, Improving Your Measurement of Customer Satisfaction by Vavra, Designing and Conducting Survey Research by Rea and Parker and The Achievement Zone by Shane Murphy.

Loyalty Rules is a great loyalty introduction from Fred Reichheld who is a loyalty expert. The key point of this book is that value provision to customers is the source of loyalty so it must be the main mission of the company. To fire up your motivation, this book presents examples from companies who are focusing on this aspect. This also includes a very helpful checklist and a loyalty survey questionnaire. No wonder, this is highly recommended by experts.

Managing Customer Value is considered to be the foundation of the customer value analysis. By reading this, you will know why it is very important for a company to understand the significance of customer value for the success of the business.

Good to Great is also a great book that stresses the importance of strong corporate vision that can bring the company success. This is based on the extensive research of Collins. In accordance with Collins, this book is an excellent introduction to the measurement of customer satisfaction. So, you can make use of this especially if the main goal of your business this year is to satisfy and meet the expectation of the customers. If you think that your customer program is weak, this book is the answer because this offers various pieces of advice and concepts for the satisfaction program enhancement.

You can understand the contents very well because they are clearly written. It also covers the following: analyzing and presenting results, sampling design and questionnaire design as well.


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