How to Start a Cash Advance Business

Are you interested to learn how to start your very own cash advance business? Anyone can go into this business provided they have capital and it is always beneficial because there is a high demand for it and the returns are equally high. Here are some useful tips to guide you start on your own.

Cash advance businesses are some of the more in demand businesses today.

A lot of people find themselves in an emergency and in dire need of money and usually they turn to the cash advance companies for small and quick loans. If you want to venture into this very profitable business, there are some things you need to take into consideration in order to establish your own company.

The Cash Advance Business Needs

You need to have an office space. A 5x5 room would suffice, but it has to have a phone line and an optional internet connection if you prefer to take your business online. It should also have a good location where it can easily be seen. You need to market your business. You can do so by printing out flyers and posters to be posted on strategic locations. You can also advertise via the local press. Next you have to have a substantial amount of capital, as this is what you will be lending to your future customers. Check the proper interest rate to apply as they may also vary depending on which state you are in, although basically they range from 10-35%. The high interest rates are aimed to cover for the fact that the money you lend has no collateral. If you plan to open this kind of business, you have to be a good judge of character, since you have to decide quickly whether to lend a person or not. However, the business has a large market base and demand that in this line of business there is no way to go but up. Another advantage of this type of business is the relatively small amounts being lent. So even if you unluckily lent to a bad customer, you will not be losing a lot.

Setting up a Cash Advance Business

If you want to go a bit bigger, here is a step-by-step summary of what you need to do to start operating your business:

  • Acquire a cash advance franchise because it is the easiest way to get you started. Another plus is the added trainings and marketing materials that are included in the package.
  • Learn about the laws governing the business you want to be in. Get information on the appropriate interests to be applied as well as techniques on how to handle bad borrowers.
  • Create a business plan that would describe what your objectives are and how you intend to achieve them.
  • If you must obtain a loan, make sure that you pay them on time so that your credit score will not be affected.
  • Seek the help of a lawyer when drafting a contract for your borrowers. It should have a detailed description of the terms of agreement including the amount loaned, interest, when it is due, penalties for late payments and other violations in the contract.


  • Nick said on March 22, 2014
    looking forward to start my own cash advance business in Freehold, NJ USA
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    I would like to start my own cash advance in Broward County, Florida.
  • Maudeline said on May 1, 2015
    I would like to start my own business.
  • Belinda Machoshane said on October 19, 2015
    I want to start my cash loan business at Bela Bela, Warmbaths, Limpopo, i want to know whats needed from me, and what tips can i get to be successful?
  • bryan said on August 19, 2018
    My name is Bryan I was looking to open my own cash advance business along with free wifi my own computers with a little fee.


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