How to Start a Flossing Business

If you want to start a flossing business, you should have considerable knowledge about the product. It is important that you offer a wide range of floss products to give your clients several choices.

Determine the legal requirements in your city or state and find out if you need to be a dentist to start this business.

Not everyone knows how to floss their teeth. With this fact, you can start your own flossing business. Such service is usually offered by dentists in your area. If you want to focus solely on flossing, you can inquire at the concerned government agency to find out the legal requirements. You also have to check if you are required to be a dentist to offer such services. Since flossing can be done at home, it would be possible to do this without becoming a dentist. Still, it would help if you know the laws or regulations.

Starting Your Own Flossing Business

Before you enter this venture, you should know some basics about flossing. The floss is of two types – PTFE or monofilament and the multifilament or the nylon. The latter is being sold either as waxed or un-waxed that come in various flavors. The PTFE is shred-resistant and it can slide even in tight spaced between the teeth. You can make use of the online resources to learn about the techniques in proper flossing. You can also consult with a professional and learn hands on. Find a business space that you can lease out and purchase the needed materials, inventory, and office equipment.

There is a need to locate suppliers or manufacturers of floss so you can get the inventory at a low price. Aside from offering flossing services, you can sell floss to retailers or to dentists in your area. Make sure that you order both types since people are always looking for a wide range of products. Try to offer several brands for more choices. Don’t order too much inventory. Just get the right amount that you can dispose at a certain time frame. You will need extra staffs to help you in running the business.

Starting a floss business is not that hard. You must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills. If you’re a dentist, you can offer a wide range of dental services and this is much better. Secure the needed licenses or permits to run a legit business. Since you plan to hire employees, you have to check with IRS to get EIN for tax purposes. Having your own accounting software is also good to manage all financials with ease. Monitor all expenses and income to make sure that you’re making some money. Advertise the business prior to opening. You can offer some perks and special discounts on the opening to attract more clients. You will also benefit if you have a business website.


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