Teeth Whitening Business

Do you think most people would want the shiny, white teeth of celebrities? Of course if they can find a professional service with a fraction of the cost, they will patronize that business. This demand for affordable teeth whitening is increasing.

We can guide you in starting a teeth whitening business now.

The Teeth Whitening Business is a new opportunity to starting or experienced entrepreneurs. You can generate huge profits in this industry if you know how to lower your costs as well as charge a fair premium for the service you’re offering. There’s a lot of cosmetic dentistry information for you to learn from.

Teeth Whitening Business Plan

Sooner or later, everyone’s teeth will surely be discolored no matter if they brush three times a day. By drinking coffee or smoking will only tarnish people’s teeth faster.

The latest trend is mobile teeth whitening. This means that you can provide this service not just through dentists but in other places such as shopping malls, beauty spas, and health salons. In fact, you can even set up kiosks or begin house call services. When you start your business, you should immediately follow it up with hiring personnel or employees as well as promotion and advertising. There are also many things to learn such as safety guidelines in teeth whitening and various set up techniques.

Teeth Whitening Business Guide

There are three major options for teeth whitening available today. All of them rely on various concentrations of peroxide applied in varying times. Here are they:

  • Professionally dispensed whitening kits – most dentists advise that this can produce the best results. They incorporate a lower-concentration easy-to-use peroxide gel that will remain on the teeth for more than an hour (sometimes even overnight). The lower your peroxide percentage, the longer you can let it stay on your patient’s teeth.
  • In-office whitening – the major benefit of this is significant color change since it involves a high-concentration peroxide gel applied to the teeth for 15-20 minute intervals lasting for an hour. Customers with stubborn stains on the teeth must be advised to continue the treatment using a home-use whitening system.
  • Over-the-counter whitening – the most convenient and cheapest whitening options is over-the-counter bleaching involving the use of a whitening kit bought from a store. You can also offer this to your customers in case they want to whiten their teeth themselves. Of course they need to maintain proper dental hygiene as well. 

The most advanced technology for teeth whitening consists of the right mixture between gel and laser light. Patients will be placed down on a couch with a bold retractor to keep the lips far from the teeth. After this, a gel is rubbed on the teeth then a dazzling laser light will shine for at least one hour. When the gel is removed, your customer will have spotless, white teeth.


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