How to Make a Work Order

A maintenance work order form is used for different functions. It is usually used for janitorial, gardening, office supply and general appliances work. But the most common use of this form is for the maintenance work.

That is why, here are the tips on how to make good maintenance work order forms for you to use in your business.

Computer Publishing Application

When making a maintenance work order form, the most basic thing you need is a computer publishing application. One of the most common computer publishing applications is the MS Word or the Microsoft word application. Through this software, you are able to write letters and other forms that you need in your office or school work. If you are not really an expert to this application, you may use other publishing applications which are available out there. You can start from scratch. Or you can download some readymade templates through the internet.

Primary Information

When you are going to write a work order form, the main information about your office should be included. The address or location of your office is important. It should be included in your work order. The location where the work is to be performed is also essential. How will your employees or workers would know where to do the job if you won’t include in your form the location. It should be well written and if the location is not that known by your workers or employees, proper directions should be included in your form so that they would know how to get there. A unit or office number is also needed for them to easily contact you whenever they would encounter some problems while going to work or while working.

Include also the date and time when they will do the job. It would be really helpful on their part if you would do this. It will be very confusing if you will just put the month and not the whole information as to the date and time also the date and time of the completion. Remember that the date of entry should be indicated next in line for the signature of the person who gives the order. The form should also include the line for the name of the person who completes the work.

Additional Information and Format

The form should have additional fields of information. This will include the total work hours, the cost and the parts used to finish the job they have done. Section for notes may also be included in your work order forms. Also, decide on the format of your work order. Some work orders are like common forms where the person who will fill it out will just check on the boxes where the corresponding information is there. Others would also give a specific department or task that they will see columns for the task and the date of completion. The complexity of the form will definitely depend on the needs of the requested work.


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