Benefits of Business Partnerships

Business structure that can give you more flexibility as well as some kind of freedom for business owners is business partnership.

This could be an excellent choice for your business venture.

 Sole proprietorship is the most popular and most common business structure because it is easier, faster, and cheaper too. However, one of the most common drawbacks of this is being in the world of business on your own. You become lonely and even isolated too. This is why, business partnerships is better. It solves the mentioned problem of sole proprietorship and at the same time provides more freedom and flexibility for most business owners worldwide. Nevertheless, business partnerships can also be a ruin to your dream if you do not have enough information about it.

The Business Partnership and its Benefits

A business partnership is one of the business structure types that join 2 or more people in a legal way. Each of the people who own a part of the business is generally called a general partner. When it comes to income tax, the business itself is not required to pay the income tax but the people who own it must file and pay their taxes on that amount. There are some benefits of using the business partnership as business structure.

First is the best usage of resources. In business partnerships, you can divide every business responsibilities to the people who own the business and make sure that each of the strengths of the individual are catered to. Next is financial allocation. In general partnerships, all the individuals in the partnership have the same amount of liability. Thus, if the business fails, the amount of money loss is the equal to all parties without a limit. While in the limited partnership, the amount of money loss only depends on how much they have invested in the business. Then there is also flexibility. The decision making in business partnership can be divided in half or 49/51% as long as the decision is equal to all parties.

Partnership Agreement

There are many things that must be taken into consideration by you and your prospect partners when creating business partnership agreement. Also, make sure that all the documents are reviewed by your trusted lawyer before you take your business into action. You must discuss the authority, management, capital contributions, funding, allocation of profit and loss, benefits and compensations of partners, buyouts, joining new partners, structure of business organization, how to settle disputes, and the length of partnership. By doing so, your partnerships will be very harmonious and profitable too. This will determine all the necessary actions needed in the future especially in those hard times.


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