How to Define Business Processes

The definition of business processes is that they are structured tasks and activities designed to meet the demands of certain customers. The importance of defining business processes then cannot be overemphasized.

This set the work flow of the organization. Read and learn more.

If we are going to define business processes, we can loosely get the idea that it is a structured tasks and activities designed to produce a product or a service for the specific purpose of attending to the needs of a customer or customers. This business processes are usually presented by the use of a flowchart describing the flow of sequential activities.

The need for the definition of business processes for a business venture is of course obvious. These business processes straightforwardly defines the operational procedure and roles of every member of the organization or the company. The need for it to be defined is to avoid repetition of certain task and also to eliminate unnecessary task that usually create chaos in the operation of the business.

If one would define the business processes his own company, then the guides below can help in creating an optimal business processes.

First Thing to Remember

Since this is the era of Information Revolution and the lure of making everything automated and computerized cannot be avoided for the simple reason that it is faster and more reliable. But it must be remembered that no matter how good your automated system is, it cannot solve the basic managerial responsibilities if the workflow that it follows is flawed or chaotic. It means: even if you have the technology, if the foundation of the system is a chaotic workflow it will still not solve your operational problems.

The First Stage on How to Define Business Processes

In order for the company to define its business processes, there are basic tasks that it needs to do. And this is the gathering of all participants in the definition of the business processes. This will set and help the organization have a complete big picture of the business processes and most of all straighten out the reason for such information in the business process.

This can be done by following this list:

  • Bring in a moderator in the creation of the business processes. He or she should have no idea about the business processes since it will obliged participants to give more detail in the whys and ways of the suggested procedure.
  • The management does not totally know everything, so do not rely 100 percent to them. It is good if you hear feedbacks from those in the frontline.
  • Don’t also count too much that the staff to know the whys as to why they perform such task.
  • Balance the perspective of the management and the staff members.


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