Maple Tree Farming

If you want to start your own farm, you can opt for maple trees. The trees are not only beautiful but they can also provide you with products that you can sell in the local market.

This is ideal for regions with a very cold climate since this is what the trees love.

maple tree farming

Have you ever considered maple tree farming? If you live in an ideal region and you own a large land space, you can start growing maple trees. Your farm will surely be a main attraction because the hardwood trees look very lovely when fully matures. You can consult with the county office or city hall for the zoning requirements. A farm is not suitable in residential areas, so you need to pick the best location for the maple farm.

Maple Farming

Maple trees grow better in cold climates. In fact, you can expect optimal germination when the temperature is around 34ºF. If your region doesn’t experience cold weather often, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to start this kind of farm. Visit the local nursery and get maple sapling. It’s better to get the slightly established ones because this can ensure the survival of the trees. After securing the saplings from the nursery, you have to keep them watered until you plant them in your farm. These trees love partial shading, as well as direct sunlight. For optimum growth, the farm’s soil should offer slightly moisture and should have neutral pH.

When planting the maple saplings, you need to dig holes with sizes depending on the side of the maple’s root ball. Make sure that the hole is deep enough so that the roots can easily spread and grow. The root ball should rest below the rim. Put the soil on top of the roots and check if the sapling is stable. Water it and pack down the surrounding soil lightly. The base of the maple trees should be mulched to put off weed growth and it will also help in retaining moisture. Make sure that you follow this procedure carefully. Plant the trees strategically to create an attractive farm.

Maple tree farming can be a lot of fun. You can sell the products that you can derive from the maple trees at the local market. Over time, you can also sell saplings since many homeowners and commercial establishments prefer this decorative hardwood. Mature trees can also be cut down and the wood can be sold at a good price. Always check with the local regulations when it comes to planting or cutting down of trees. That way, you will not violate anything that can jeopardize your business. After planting the maple saplings, you will need to wait until the tree matures. Try to hire extra help in running and maintaining the farm.


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