Yellow Perch Farming

Yellow perch farming is done through pond culture method. Perch production has become popular in the United States as it generates million dollars in the industry.

Thus, it is necessary to learn how to start yellow perch farming.

Methods of Yellow Perch Farming

Yellow perch is one of the species of perch that is a native of Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. It has a white, flaky and sweet meat that can grow up to 16 oz. in weight and 10 inches long. Perch farming that uses pond culture method is the most convenient way to raise yellow perch. In this way, both male and female perch are placed in the ponds to spawn. On the other hand, you can also get fertilized perch eggs from the wild or from those reared in captivity. The perch eggs are placed in the production ponds and weaned through natural or formulated diet until the ideal time of harvesting. Thus, through pond culture method reproducing the fish is made economical and simple.

On the other hand, using the pond system would require lots of hard work and investment as you need to find a land where you can make the pond. After making the pond you will need water supply, levee and ditch. Likewise, if you will make bigger ponds additional equipment and supplies will be needed. The pond will operate if you will have an electrical system, monitoring and test equipment, boat, aerator, feed storage as well as scale. In like manner, during the harvest period you will need fish baskets, seine nets, coolers and trucks.

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Another method of yellow perch farming is through the tank system method. This method of producing perch fish is using refines technologies. However, this system is quite expensive as compared to the pond system. It is because it requires sufficient investment in buying equipment as well as the production costs. There are many factors to consider when raising yellow perch through tank system. However, this method allows shorter production time as compared to the natural method of production. The equipment you will need in this method includes aerators and pumps that would control the condition of the tank system. Likewise, you will also need supply of electricity for the system to run.

Whatever method of yellow perch farming you will use it is important to know first the needs of the fish. In this way you will determine if you can endure to maintain the pond or the tank. This is important so that you can expect to generate good production of the yellow perch. Keep in mind that just like humans fishes also need suitable environment so that they can live longer. In this sense, it is necessary to know the basic ideas on raising the yellow perch by using any method. You can find lots of information by browsing online.

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