Hoodia Farming

If you want to grow hoodia for losing weight, you're out of luck. It is only possible to grow the plant with ease if you're from South Africa.

Although there are now plantations in Arizona and California, you will still find it hard to secure the plant unless you have a CITES certificate.

Growing Hoodia and the Cost

Do you want to lose weight? People who want to cut down some unwanted pounds usually take appetite suppressants. Did you know that you can benefit greatly from growing hoodia? Most of the hoodia supplements in the market can cost around $60 per bottle but if you can grow it in your very own garden, you no longer have to purchase the commercial products. You need to be aware that growing such plant can be difficult. The primary source of the plant is South Africa and if you want to import it, you will need a ‘CITES certificate’ and very companies have it.

The reason for the high price is because hoodia has a limited supply. One kilo of hoodia can be sold for $190 to $225! Traditional methods of growing the plant are not successful. You will need a sandy and well drained soil. It is important that you plant it on a suitable soil that is similar to South Africa. You also need to be familiar with the common and mysterious diseases that the plant is susceptible of or you can lose your hoodia in no time! When it comes to pollination, you will need to attract flies and not bees. The flower blooms give off a scent that attracts these flies.

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Complications and Agreements

You should be patient in growing the hoodia because maturity can take around six years. An ideal height is set which determines the harvesting time or season. To ensure the quality of the plant, it should be grown organically and because of this, it is more susceptible to diseases and pests. If you’re from South Africa, you will find it easier to grow the plant. You see, there is this agreement between the San Tribe and the Phytopharm (pharmaceutical company) which makes it difficult to grow hoodia in other places. In California and Arizona, the plant is commercially grown but it can be hard to get supplies from them because of the limited supply.

Growing hoodia is realistic if you’re from the native lands of Africa. Otherwise, you ca settle with the supplements. Losing weight is possible and you don’t have to use appetite suppressants all the time. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can easily get rid of those unwanted pounds. People in Africa are quite lucky because their region is suitable for growing the plant and they have easy access to it. Find other ways to lose weight aside from growing hoodia and with self discipline, you are sure to become sexy in no time.

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  • tshepo mooki said on December 10, 2019
    Hello. please I need a business plan on growing hoodia.m in Botswana in the Kalahari desert, conditions are very similar to South Africa and this is these areas used to be hoodia fields. thanx for ur positive response.


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