When to Plant Tomato Seedlings

Growing tomatoes is not that hard. People are familiar with the way how to grow them. But here, we are going to give you tips on how to grow them successfully.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to grow tomato seedlings and later on get large, healthy and abundant tomatoes.

fresh tomatoes from the farm

Where to Plant?

It really doesn’t matter if you are growing tomatoes which came from seeds or buying them from the nearest garden store in your area. You are still able to grow them well. They can be planted in many ways. One way is in the ground in your garden. Usually, people with gardens, specifically vegetable garden would grow tomatoes there. Another place where you can grow tomatoes is in a container or in raised bed. These are alternative places where you can grow tomatoes. It is recommended that tomatoes should be grown in a garden because there, they can grow freely and they will get nutrients directly from the soil.

Contrary to Beliefs

There is a belief that tomatoes which are tall would grow better than those smaller tomatoes. But that is really not true. Smaller tomatoes are the ones that bloom well. Those taller tomatoes have a hard time to bloom in plots and since they are struggling to grow, they do not really grow in their highest potential. When you go to shop for tomatoes to grow, try to consider buying the smaller ones. Also, try other kinds of plants like the sweet 100’s, Brandywine, Roma, Beefsteak tomato plants. These are other kinds of tomatoes and they are good to grow because they are as easy to grow as the other kinds of tomatoes.

Before Transplanting

Before you actually transplant the tomato seedlings into the ground or in other containers, you should apply first a cup of fertilizer in the soil. Since this is tomatoes we are talking about, you should use the organic fertilizer in the soil that is why you should use some compost too. Make sure also that the pH of the soil is at least 5.8 and 7.0. If there is an existing problem with the pH of the soil, you should fix it now before you actually transplant the seeds. To blend it, you should blend the soil in its top eight inches. The blending of the soil is really essential because this will help the tomatoes grow well and be able to produce healthy looking tomatoes when harvesting comes.

Cover Up

When you are done blending the soil, you might just want to cover the soil with two different colors, preferably red or black plastic. The use of this is that it keeps the soil warm. This helps to grow the tomatoes faster and produce more ripe ones in the earliest possible time. Cut some holes in the plastic you placed in the soil where you intend to plant the tomatoes.

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