Problems with Fish Farming

Fish farming is a type of business that requires perseverance and adept skills. The first thing to be considered in order to be successful in this kind of business is to be aware of problems with fish farming.

This article can give you different problems in which most fish farmers have experience.

Building a fish farming business needs a lot of knowledge, adept planning and skills. However, there are only a few businessmen who have been reported as successful fish farmers. One reason for this is the lack of knowledge about the factors as well as techniques on how to start fish farming. So, if you are planning to have a fish farm and want to be successful at the expected time, then you must know the possible problems. Here are a few.

What are the Problems with Fish Farming?

The first thing most aquaculturists encounter is the conflict with competing interests. Since fish farming requires huge facilities in terms of space in the environment, it usually causes problems on interest conflict in locations like vessel traffic lanes, fishing grounds and other water routes. One factor that causes interest conflict is the economic concerns. Most commercial fishermen usually lose their work when there is farming of fish which come from wild places. Because lots of fishes are flooded in the market, the income of fish farming would be going down and the worst is there could be no income. In addition to that, there many fish companies that charge less for farmed fish. Most of the fish produced by some companies are being offered at cheap prices in which lots of people usually choose to purchase.

Another one that could cause interest conflict is the building recreational fishing, which could bring great damage to water facilities of the fish farm. Since recreational fishing uses boats and other watercraft vessels, there is a big chance the water could become polluted and destroy the habitat of the fish. Industry is also a factor that can destroy the fish farming. It also contributes pollution that could contaminate the water. Instead of helping fishing famers develop the aquaculture business and help to encourage other people, they fail to show that fish farming is environmentally sustainable and good commercial provider.

Escapes are also considered as one of the main problems of fish farming. In fish farming, you use net pens, cages, and other containers to hold fish. Although they are well designed and properly built, they usually cause complications such as equipment failure and human error. Escapes can put the improvement of exhausted fish in danger and could lead disturbance of natural ecosystem.

Another problem is the feed inefficiency which farmed fish are usually fed of wrong foods or improper feed method. In some fish farms, farmers fed fish of wild fish which is very vital part of marine ecosystem. If they get them and use as food for personal motives, what will happen to the other species who also dependent to the wild fish like birds, and other marine mammals?


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