How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms

Of all the variety and kinds of mushrooms, probably there is no mushroom as popular as the shiitake mushrooms. This kind of mushroom has a smoky and rich flavor, and usually used in many recipes.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to grow this kind of mushroom, read the step by step guide on how to grow it.

There is no kind of mushroom as popular as the shiitake mushrooms. The reason for this is the inherent flavor it has; its flavor is described as smoky and rich. Shiitake mushrooms are usually used in many dishes and recipes. Now, on the idea of growing shiitake mushrooms, this undertaking is simple and many who are interested can follow just unsophisticated method. Below shows what it takes to grow shiitake mushrooms:

The Necessary Items

If you are growing shiitake mushrooms, there are available shiitake mushrooms plug available in the market. You will need at least 25 of these plugs. These are characterized as wooden dowels which the shiitake mushroom mycelium colonizes. These wooden dowels are one inch long and about a fourth of an inch wide. They cost on the less than $15 for 100 plugs.

The next necessary item is the log. You need to find a good, newly cut tree log that has the length of 4 to 10 inches. It should be cut not 4 inches long. Experts usually advice the use of alder tree logs which are suitable for this kind of mushroom. Other kinds of logs are also good like oak wood.

The Process

Drill holes in the log. The drill bit that should be used is no more than 5/16 drill bit. As advised, the holes should be 2 inches deep and with 4 inches distance from each other. The result of these is the spiral pattern of growing shiitake mushrooms that is pleasing to the eyes.

After drilling holes, fill it with the shiitake mushrooms plug. You can use a mallet to ensure that the plugs are snugly fit into the log. You should also apply caution so not to damage the log.

The next process involves the use of melted cheese. It should cost around $5 per 10-pound blocks. You should melt the cheese up to 145 degrees F. and use it to seal the plug. The reason for its use is to protect the mushroom from fungi and insects.

The Wait to Grow the Shiitake Mushrooms

When all of these are done, put the log in a shaded area. You should water the log regularly so that it maintains moisture of about 35 to 60 percent. Once every two weeks will do. There is an estimated six months to one year for the mushroom to appear. And there you have grown your shiitake mushrooms.


  • donsavio lacerda said on March 11, 2013
    i would like to start with growing mushrooms is there any guidance or assistance who we can pay for these services to start such business
  • Raju Magar said on May 16, 2013
    Hi, I'm from Kathmandu, Nepal, I want to do grow shittakemushroom in my farmhouse. can u help me to send more information about it
  • David said on May 11, 2014
    Can this shiitake mushrooms grow in Kenya? id be keen on trying them out...anyone willing to partner? i have the infrastructure in place... the land, workers, water.. i need someone to finance to enable purchase of the inputs and marketing and we are in business. contact me on
  • NAGARAJA.G.N. said on July 2, 2017
    please provide me in kannada language how to grow organic mushroom indoor.


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