Starting Mellow Mushroom Franchise

Mellow Mushroom is open for interested franchisee applicants who can qualify for upholding the company’s name and reputation thru opening their own unit of Mellow Mushroom.

In 1974, Mellow Mushroom was opened by three artistic college students who wanted to express their creative side by establishing a business that would cater to many people in their location.

Their playful minds were reflected on how their store came to be out of an old liquor store in Spring Street, which was located near Georgia. And through time, more and more customers are coming in their store. Given the popularity, they started the idea of branching out Mellow Mushroom by accepting franchisees. In 1978, Mellow Mushroom is available for interested franchisees nationwide.

Mellow Mushroom is looking for a franchisee that is financially capable. That means, the franchisee is ready to give out a large amount of money for this business. If you are one of those interested and financially capable franchisee, here are the details on starting a Mellow Mushroom franchise. A franchisee needs to save up to invest on this business amounting to at least $926,500 and a maximum of $3,100,000. Once you have signed your contract with the company containing all of their terms and conditions, it means you have the full understanding of all of its contents and that you agree to all of it. Among the points that is included in the contract are the responsibilities you must pay such as the franchising fee and the on-going royalty fee. You have to pay the company $50,000 for the franchising fee. Also, the on-going fee will cost you 5% of your total sales. The on-going royalty must be paid periodically as what you have agreed with the company thru your contract. The agreement between you and the company is valid up to fifteen years. And if the contract expires, you may very well renew it with the company for another fifteen years.
As a franchisee, you also have to qualify according to the set standards of the company. You must be able to provide the company with concrete proofs that you have liquefied cash amounting to $300,000. Aside from this, you must also have the needed skills that you might have earned from a general business experience.

But if you were not able to get into a business similar to Mellow Mushroom, that is just fine. Experience in the food business is not a requirement. Anyhow, you will be put under a thorough training by the company’s expert trainers. You will be trained for three weeks in the company’s headquarters. Aside from that, you will also be trained for another three weeks in your franchise location.

Throughout your contract with Mellow Mushroom, you need not fear of pulling it off by yourself. The company will always give you the utmost support that you need. You will be given the company’s newsletter regularly to update you with the current studies and issues that may be useful to your business operations. The company’s representatives will be there for you on your grand opening. They will be sending useful people and resources to you on that special day of your company. You may also access the company thru the Internet for your inquiries about franchising. And lastly, you would also benefit from the company’s assistance for you on your field operations and evaluation.

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  • Craig Vucinovich said on October 4, 2010
    i need help to start a mellow mushroom franchise in Chalmette, Lousiana, united states.


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