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Tanworld is a popular tanning business in the Midwest and Iowa. They have had a well-founded reputation to have gathered so many clients across the country.

That is why they have started accepting franchisee applicants that can meet their standards.

Tanworld is pioneered by Cheri Cosgrove in 1995. This tanning business has created another way of becoming more beautiful for its customers. Their salons are specifically constructed to emit the warm and inviting ambience.
The design of their salons shows both stylish and efficient appeal to all that comes in. They are making use of relaxing furniture in order to allow the customers really feel more comfortable in staying in their salon. They are also using high-end technologies in the process of tanning. Before, one has to go under the sun in order to attain the darker skin tone. But now, with the right equipment, people can have their tan at a normal level because the heat of the equipment may be adjusted according to the client’s preference. You would also notice that as the service people there working out your tan before, during, and after tanning, they are making use quality skin products to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

If you would open a Tanworld franchise, you will be joining a company that is certainly professional, and well-trained in this business. They have already built a strong foundation for you to work on going up to your goals. Tanworld has already made its name and services known in many different places already, so you wouldn’t be worrying too much on advertising strategies to promote your business. Also, joining the network of franchisees of Tanworld is the next best thing to attaining financial success and independence. You’ll get to decide on your own on how to operate your business. The pressure of following and living up to the expectations and standards of a boss is already eliminated in this kind of set-up. You’ll even have more time for your family because you have already made the company and the employees work for you in the agreed time.

And so, if you are already sure to pursue on this venture, then you must be ready to invest an amount of at least $323,100 up to a maximum of $564,000. This amount of money can take you a long way through your business. In this $323,100, you can already pay for the franchising fee, which is required from your upon signing the contract. The franchising fee costs $32,500. They are charging this amount to you in exchange of representing the company’s name and reputation in your location. Also, you have to pay the company for the on-going royalty. It is the company’s dividend in your profits because you have used their system, name, reputation, and trademark products and services in order to get those profits. And so, you must regularly pay 5.5% of your total sales to the company throughout your contract. As for your contract, it is valid until fifteen years only. If the contract expires, you may still have it renewed with the company.

Next, in order for you to be a qualified franchisee, you must present yourself to be a responsible and financially stable individual. You may prove it by showing your net worth that must not be lower than $350,000. And also, your liquefied cash must be at least $75,000. As per your experience, they need a franchisee that has had a general business experience. It means, you are not required to have the skills or experience in tanning. But if you have a background with it, then it will be at your advantage.


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