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Tanning salon is a growing industry and franchising your own tanning center is the safest way to enter the industry. Image Sun Tanning Center is one of the popular tanning salons that will fit to your needs.

Founded in 1994, Image Sun Tanning Center has been known for providing great tanning experience with ultimate customer satisfaction. They started franchising the business in year 2000 and now have over 100 centers and growing.

Buying a franchise entails a lot of risk quantification and decision making, indeed. Thus, there is a need to be very careful on choosing the business where you can fully trust your investment. It is essential to look and examine the larger picture and that is to look at their industry performance.

The tanning salon is a $7 billion growth industry. It has been an in demand business thus they serve a massive market of about a million customers daily under their name. The tanning salon industry is not that populated. You are also guaranteed that Image Sun is one of the leader and on top of the competition.

Franchising Image Sun does not necessarily required technical expertise. But they demand committed franchisees. Financially, they require $75,000 liquid asset and $250,000 net worth. These grounds are what they seek for during preliminary interview to potential franchisee. The franchisee fee will be $32,000. The total investment that you will need to be a part of Image Sun Tanning is amounting to $195,000 - $867,000.

On the other hand, Image Sun Tanning Center provides adequate start-up backing and management support. They provide their franchisees with sufficient and continuous professional training support to equip it with a proficient line of employees as well. They also train employees concerning the business’ system procedures and other methods on handling the daily business operations.

They extend help on choosing strategic location with efficient interior design and floor plan to make it consistent with that of the trademark Image Sun environment. They also provide up to four level of world class equipments in an upscale environment to deliver customer satisfaction. Equipment technology really has something to do with the quality that the salon can offer and it is very important to have linked to suppliers who provided that technology.

In addition, there is also an annual advertising and marketing plan applicable to every Image Sun for a company wide promotional effort. One of the advantages of franchising a business is on getting a broader approach on marketing the business. This helps on targeting as many as possible customer without so much expense and initiative.
Image Sun franchising also involves low labor cost and assures overall profit margins. Include also a grand opening support that will make your franchise a sure hit.

Franchising is definitely safe yet risks are always present just like in any other businesses. Hence, staying focus on managing the business and maintaining a level of customer satisfaction will also be helpful on delivering services of great value.


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