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Fresh Coat is a business that’s catering for the needs of homeowners or individuals for painting jobs. This business is open for franchising to anyone who has passion for a business like this.

Whether you got a newly built house, or a house that needs a new breath of color, you must be calling for a painting job. Not all people can be a superhero at home by doing all the household chores, caring for the kids, and renovating the house.

It is a lot to do for one or two people. Maybe you need to look at your options out there. With enough budget and time, surely, somebody can do that big painting job for you.

Fresh Coat consists of professional people who can work on any painting job for you, be it in your house or in a commercial – business area. They have expert painters that are using high quality and low-odor paints for any part of your house. Every after a day of work, you can count on them to clean up their work area to lessen the hassle for you and your family. They promise to give you the painting job you are asking for in the fastest time as possible.

Do you think you can keep up with this kind of business? If your answer is yes, then you should learn more about residential painting services, which Fresh Coat is providing for the people and how you can buy a Fresh Coat franchise.

The majority of your customers will be coming from the residential areas; in short, you’ll be serving the homeowners. These homeowners are very busy and too tired to even worry about painting their house. They might not even know the safe and proper way of painting different kinds of walls and areas. Thus, there is a great percentage of possible customers for you out there who will need your painting services.


You do not have to be an expert in doing painting jobs to be a franchisee of Fresh Coat. All that is expected from you is to have the motivation and determination to make your business a success.


You’ll also get to meet other franchisees through a tour in their main center. There, you’ll see how the business operates together with its support group.


After the orientation, it I snow up to you to decide whether you still want to buy a Fresh Coat franchise. With all the things that you have learned about the company and its operations, are you still up to the challenge of handling this kind of business and make it a success?

Hands – on Training

If you have decided to join the network of franchisees, you must be given enough training. Just like in any other franchise opportunity, to ensure that you’ll also get to know how your business works, you are to undergo thorough hands – on training.


You’ll be given utmost support before and during your operational opening. The support staff of the company is ensuring that you’ll not have a hard time handling your business. And if ever there are questions lingering in your mind, the company has a 24hr. and 7 days a week customer service center that you may call.


The franchise fee is about $27,900 - $33,900. The total investment that you need to shell out is amounting to $36,400 - $58,900.


To be part of Fresh coat, you need to have net worth of $26,000 and cash liquidity of $9,500.


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