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If you are a dynamic and business-oriented person, then ColorTyme is the best business opportunity for you. As the oldest rent-to-own franchisor in the US, ColorTyme has been the top destination among Americans who want to buy home appliances and furniture at a very affordable and easy to pay prices.

To know more about the franchise, read the article below and learn how to earn money through ColorTyme.

To date, the company has been one of the leading distributors of products such as computers, televisions, electronic gadgets, and home furnishings that are sold in easy payment terms.

This article will help a businessman like you to know more about the company and how you can enjoy the money-generating capability of a ColorTyme franchise.

Having your very own rent-to-own furniture, electronics, and home appliances franchise is very easy. Here are several things that you need to know if you want to start a fruitful business career in rent-to-own franchising.

General business knowledge – You don’t have to be an MBA holder to have a ColorTyme franchise. All you need to have is general knowledge on how to run a business and skills in dealing with people for you to qualify as a franchisee.

An industry experience or other previous business experience is a plus.

Franchising Cost – The total franchising cost of having one ColorTyme store ranges from $500, 000 to $1 million depending on the territory you want to operate. Usually, the company will conduct personal background check to see if you are capable of owning a franchise.

Other financial requirements include a net worth of $350, 000 and a liquid capital of $140, 000 or more. If you qualify as a business partner, the company can offer you other business financing through in-bank loans.

Franchising Fee – The franchising fee is not included in the total expenses in putting up a ColorTyme franchise. The company is charging around $25, 000 for each franchise constructed. Meanwhile, the five percent royalty fee for each franchise will be charge on your annual profit.

Training and Seminars – As a veteran in the industry, ColorTyme has an extensive training for you and your staff, which includes an overview of the entire business operations. It also offers seminars that can further enlighten on how to make a successful business franchise. In over 30 years, the company has been one of the hottest destinations for many Americans for low-cost products.

Support – The Company has extensive online and hotline support for all the franchisees. Its 24-hour costumer hotline will give you the help you need when ever you encounter problems in your own franchise.

It also has a website where it also offers its products as well as hotlines where customers can avail of the much sought-after prices.

To know more about the great offers and deals ColorTyme can give you, go to the website and learn the wonderful things in-store for you. Be one of the ColorTyme franchisee now!


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