Home-Based Answering Service

Do you have a cheerful voice and enjoy talking with someone on the phone? Then you can start a very easy and lucrative home-based business today.

Starting a Home-Based Answering Service could give you thousands of dollars every year without leaving the comforts of your home. Check out this opportunity here.

A telephone plays an integral part of business communications. It’s a tool that’s very important to conglomerates, small construction companies, physicians’ private practice and practically all kinds of enterprise. Therefore, if you start a Home-Based Answering Service, anyone who needs to answer a phone call could become your client.

Home-Based Answering Service Business Plan

Small business owners are now learning to outsource their answering service needs. Hiring a home-based provider can save them money and make things a lot easier for them. People still prefer to talk to somebody instead of communicating with a machine.

This virtual service is easy to run and has relatively low overhead. You could have a healthy income depending upon your professionalism and service. All you need is a home office and the level of service that you wish to offer – some can operate during normal business hours or 24 hours in a day. Also decide whether you want to open only during weekdays or even on weekends. Remember that these are very important decisions before taking in your first clients.

Then, determine how many clients you can service based on your existing equipment. If you have fewer than 10 clients, a separate phone line installed for each client would suffice. However, if you want to get more clients, you would need a switchboard to cut down on costs.

In addition, it’s critical to provide a friendly phone manner and excellent customer service to your business. More important, you should have excellent diction and grammar.

Marketing Home-Based Answering Service

Networking could be a very effective marketing tool to promote your business. If you develop a network of contact, you can take advantage of referrals to propagate the good services you can offer. Always use a business card to introduce your business and yourself to the people you’re meeting on a day to day basis. They might know potential clients that can avail of your services. Other advertising options may be in the form of brochures, promotional flyers, public appearances, press releases, or direct mail.

Marketing should create an image for you and your business. It shows people your professional services and search for your potential clients. Even if it costs money, there are various media outlets for you to market your services. You can advertise in newspapers, radio, or television as well. If you can’t afford it, you can join business associations and market your services to its members. You can also advertise through social networking sites in the internet.


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