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Doubletree franchise should be an attractive option for those who know how to handle a hotel business – especially for those who want instant recognition in the industry.

While they are mostly found in the United States, Doubletree hotels can likewise be seen both in Canada, Latin America and in many other countries across the world.

This is indeed a huge achievement for the company, especially when one considers that they have only started in 1993 as a result when Boston’s Guest Quarters and Phoenix’ Doubletree Hotels were bought by Hilton Hotels. At the present time, there are already more than 160 full-service Doubletree hotels and they are getting more and more loyal customers because of the high quality of service that they provide.

Typically, Doubletree Hotels are located in gateway cities and tourist destinations. Aside from that, these hotels are also commonly found in metropolitan areas. Many people who need to travel, whether it is for business or leisure purposes, would prefer staying at Doubletree Hotels because of the comfort that they experience there. At the same time, a lot of clients also loved the idea of being welcomed by Doubletree’s famed homemade chocolate chip cookies once you check in with them. They really make sure that you will enjoy your stay with them and because of their outstanding and consistent performance when it comes to these things, they have been able to receive some recognition from Hilton Honors, an award-giving body that recognized Doubletree for their guest reward program.

At the same time, Doubletree Hotels are also getting a lot of success when it comes to their growth in terms of franchising. As the years have passed by, Doubletree Hotels have truly established their reputation as an expert in the industry. Again, they are the number one choice for various travelers and others who also want to have a comfortable stay.

Obviously, there are also a lot of potential franchisees who want to earn their money through establishing their own businesses. Of course, this can be a very hard activity for you since building your hotel and the name of your business should really be given some attention. However, if you will instead get a franchise from Doubletree then you will instantly enjoy worldwide brand recognition that’s equivalent to top quality services.

So yes, you have your chance to acquire a Doubletree franchise because the company has started offering this opportunity a long time ago. If you will look at their history, you will find out that they have started franchising the exact same year way back when they first established their business too. And guess what? They are growing in a steady pace as well. For the year 2009, it has been reported that they at least have 156 US franchises while there are already 10 outside of the country.

As for the costs, the total investment for a Doubletree franchise would be from $33,845,300 up to $56,769,500 while the franchise would be for $75,000. Aside from having the financial capacities, the most important thing is that the person applying for the franchise has management experience in the past.


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