Owning a Hilton Garden Inn Franchise

Being a Hilton Garden Inn owner means gaining great rewards and more business opportunity. Having your own franchise of the hotel chain can be at a very high price.

But with all the financial gains and further success development as a businessman, Hilton is the best business opportunity for you if you want to prosper in this kind of business venture.

To own a Hilton Garden Inn franchise, you’ll need to have at least $10 million net worth requirement. The amount is a little steep compared to other hotel chains in the market today since it has a clientele of midprice upscale people. Previous business experience should also accompany the cost in order for you to run the business smoothly.

The franchising fee, which will already include the cost of franchise training and franchise advertising, will cost around $60,000. The contact will last for 22 years and is available for renewal should you wish to continue to own a franchise of Hilton Garden Inn.

Meanwhile, the total cost of investment can range from $10.9 million to $16.3 million with an ongoing royalty fee of five percent, which will be slashed from your annual revenue.

Considered by many as the best hotel suites in the world, the return of franchise investment is greater than the cost of construction. Owning a franchise will give you the rewards that you only dream in your lifetime.

For the franchise operation, you’ll need to have 35 to 40 people to run the whole hotel. It might seem big for this kind of midprice hotel but it is actually more production efficient and cost efficient compared to bigger hotel lines in the market.

Hilton Garden Inn Franchise is also good for business-minded people or groups outside the US since the franchisor allows absentee ownership.

The franchising training materials and modules will be available at the company headquarters for three days. No extra payment is needed since the cost of the training is already included in the franchising fee.

There is also an owner orientation and management training available in one of its hotels in Beverly Hills, California. This will also last for three days.

To match up with other existing hotel franchises in the market, Hilton Inn uses world-class advertising support to its franchisees, and provides powerful advertising technique to its customers.

These support materials include e-mail newsletters, grand openings, and internet advertising. Toll-free hotlines and other security/safety procedures will also be available to ensure a safer and more comfortable stay of all your guests.

So, why waste money on investments that will only go down the drain. Hilton Garden Inn Franchise is the best way to put your money in.


  • Tasha Bame Sekwakwa said on June 20, 2010
    I want to own a hotel, so i want more information.
  • Kiet Nguyen said on April 10, 2015
    My corporate office is locate in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas. I am interested in owning a Hilton Garden Inn franchise. Please send me information, I am interested to start up or existing Hilton Garden inn. For sale, Thank you, Kiet Nguyen
  • nikki said on May 28, 2015
    I need more information on the hilton garden hotel.
  • Dylan said on May 20, 2017
    Good Day! I am interested to propose Garden Inn by Hilton on franchise agreement.
    Location Pakistan - Faisalabad
    Size 120 rooms 3.5 to 4 star standard property, with food & Beverage outlets and meeting rooms.
    Initial stages of construction
    Please provide me details of fees with no hidden charges .Please be transparent Until the hotel is on to operation stage. I am residing in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Who is your local agent, whom I could speak to in person Thanks in advance for the information


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