Roadways Construction Business Startup Guide

Starting a roadway construction business means securing substantial capital for heavy equipment needed for the work. It also means making decisions like what type of company should you be.

Read from our guide about some important considerations that you need to think over before staring your own roadway construction business.

A roadway construction business is a capital-intensive business, especially if the company plans to own its own dump trucks, pavers, rollers, motor vehicles, cranes, mechanized equipment, and aerial lifts. If you are planning to start a roadway construction business, the question on top of your head when you do your business plan will most likely be how many of these should you have. Indeed, determining the size of this type of company is one of the most crucial decisions a business owner would have to make.

Roadway Construction Business - Size and Type

What type of company would you be? A large one or small but specialized? Large companies, with its fleet of vehicles and numerous employees, are preferred by contractors for large projects like interstate highways, and development roadways for big subdivisions. You can offer a full service that would include project design, land surveying, construction management. On the other hand, as a specialized roadway construction firm, you can focus on building roads, paveway, driveway, and parking lots for small commercial and residential projects. An advantage of being a small company is you can work closely with clients and build a strong relationship with them.

But whether you are a large or a small company, it remains true that a good reputation is your best asset.

  • Ensure that you do your job well from beginning to end
  • Aside from doing your job right, see to it that you finish on time and within budget
  • After the project is completed, make a follow up to see whether your client’s every specification was met
  • While work is in progress, see to it that you minimize its negative impact to the community, especially to motorists. Put measures to minimize disruption to traffic. This is a proof that you are a company with a good project management strategy.

Roadway Construction Business – Safety Issues

A good part of running a roadway construction business is ensuring the safety of workers, by-passers, and motorists. You have to have a safety program that would minimize the risk of injury and death of workers on-site, and accidents of passing vehicles. Injury and death by workers could arise from electrocution, slips, and falloffs. You must have electrical hazard and fall protection for workers, work zone traffic control as well as implements to warn motorists of roadway hazards in relation to ongoing construction. To protect your business from financial damages that could arise from these risks, you would have to seriously consider getting liability insurance for your business.

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  • SOMESH KUTE said on January 4, 2011
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    Hi, have an Associates in Construction Technology, Bachelors of Science in civil engineering and have been working in the field of road construction for sometime. I am also pursuing a Masters of Science in Project Management. I am looking forward to starting a small road construction company. The information you presented is very resourceful and I believe you can be of tremendous help to me in starting this company. I currently live and work in the US but have a desire to move back to Africa. Please, your help is high appreciated. 119 Ashby Road, Upper Darby Pa, 19082
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    Hello , I would like to ask a guide to start a a small road construction company , I live in Canada , but I want to go back in Africa , I m willing to pay for a good guide , or a business plan. best regards, Honore
  • saba karim said on November 13, 2015
    I want to start a business in construction line especially govt projects.I want to know what all documents are required so that I can apply for tenders issued by bihar govt or central govt.
  • Sipho said on February 16, 2016
    Hi guy m frm bfn free state province in south africa, i need 2 open road construction company so i dnt knw wr 2 start plz help me, my number is 0781785084 and email is
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    Hi my name is vinay i want to startup my one road construction company with support of my father and i want my company to be tied up to government projects i am very much trying hard to find out in which stream should i start my company i stay in bangalore ,karnataka plz advice me sir
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