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Established and started franchising in 1995, Wingate by Wyndham now have 160 locations throughout the United Sates and Canada.

The company’s experience and expertise in the business will guarantee any franchisee to share the same success with the Wingate by Wyndham.

Wingate by Wyndham is one of the leading lodging franchisors of mid-priced hotels. They provide amenities like high speed internet access, meeting spaces, free breakfast and 24-hour business center all inclusive price favorable for budget-minded since they target business travelers as their major market.

They differentiate their business to its competitors through its all-inclusive pricing backed by 100% customer satisfaction. The company assures that they offer more opportunity than any other in the chain does and that they are a solid investment. They are committed to be the traveler’s choice when it comes to hotels. Their strategic growth plans concentrate on center city initiative and promote development in high-profile corporate markets.

These are some of the many advantages in choosing Wingate by Wyndham to franchise. Remember, franchising will only be profitable and successful if you have chosen to be guided by a trusted and reputable company. Wingate by Wyndham will not definitely fail you at that.

Here are some pointers you need to consider in starting a Wingate by Wyndham franchise.

First is to research and analyze the industry’s performance as well as the company’s status in that industry. Is it productive and growing? Are they competent?

Next is the capitalization. Determine how much you are willing to invest in the business and how much putting up a franchise will demand of you. Your financial capacity and their financial requirement need to match so that the business can work well. If you are not solely capable to finance the business, try settling for partnership or source for financing to help you out.

Another thing, make sure that the company will provide sufficient support through out the initiation and on daily operation of your franchise. Franchisees of Wingate by Wyndham do provide access to central reservations system, extensive training program, guest satisfaction tracking tool, dedicated support staff, and national marketing effort.

The central reservations system is the business’ way of efficiently managing customers from the very start of the business procedure. The extensive training program is indeed helpful for it is a way of preparing the staffs and management for the actual business operation. This training program is provided not only during start-up but as well as when the need arises.

Likewise, the guest tracking tool is use to continually keep up on providing customer satisfaction so as to get their loyalty. The national marketing effort is a great help for it will boost your advertising and promotional activities with less expenses.

The franchise fee is $36,000 and the total investment needed is about $6,942,288 - $7,715,598.

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  • M. Khan said on September 2, 2019
    Converting an existing Wyndham hotel into Wingate or Wingate Garden


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