Cruise Holidays Franchise Info

Cruise Holidays have provided the franchise information for the interested franchisees. They are expected to satisfy all the qualifications and requirements in order to be a part of the company.

In 1984, Cruise Holidays was founded as a business specializing in the leisure and travel industry.

cruise holidays franchise info

It has made its customers satisfied by providing them with unforgettable travel experience that they would love to taste again and again because of the company’s high quality service. And with the exemplary feedback from their customers, also in 1984, they decided to welcome possible franchisees to put up a business under their name and reputation.

Cruise Holidays offer a lot of benefits for its franchisee which includes the choice of working at home or in a retail location which is basically the perks of being a flexible travelling company. They entrust to the qualified franchisees their name, customers, and business assets to give them the chance to achieve financial success.

If you feel you need this kind of career move in your life with Cruise Holidays, here’s their franchise information for your consideration. This business opportunity suits you if you are very passionate about travelling and leisure experiences. You may decide now upon yourself whether joining Cruise Holidays would be good for your own personal and professional growth.

Cruise Holidays is seeking for possible franchisees nationwide and outside the United States which includes Canada and Middle East. To start up a franchising unit under Cruise Holidays, you will need a total investment of at least $10,350 and a maximum of $233,350. Your investment will be broken down into different allocations such as the franchising fee, and royalty fee. Upon the signing of the contract, you must forward the amount $9,500 to $30,000 for the franchising fee. As for the ongoing royalty fee, Cruise Holidays will get 3% of your total sales a month. As stated in the agreement, you will be granted a 10-year franchising contract with Cruise Holidays, which may be renewed upon expiry.

You must have a net worth requirement of $250,000 in order to be qualified as a franchisee. Also, you must present a cash liquidity requirement of $150,000. And since you are pursuing a business opportunity through Cruise Holidays’ franchise unit, you must have at least a general business experience. Alongside this, you must also have excellent marketing skills to aid in the promotion of your business.

As part of your growth with Cruise Holidays, you will be put under thorough training of business related skills. There is three-week training in the company’s headquarters. The training opportunity in your franchise location depends on the needs of the situation. But you will be constantly informed of conference calls and annual regional meetings that would usually last in 2 days. Their annual convention usually lasts up to 4 days. Annual group training seminars will most probably end within 7 days. And you would also get to see the Cruise University and be trained there for 2 weeks.

As your partner towards success, Cruise Holidays promise to provide you with the enough support system you need in your business. You will be regularly updated on the current trends and issues in the leisure and travel industry through their newsletters. There are meetings planned to provide the franchisees the chance to meet each other and gather new sets of friends. They also have a toll-free phone line available to their franchisees to answer their needs 24/7. They can also be accessed through the Internet using their official website.


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