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CruiseShipCenters is a travel agency that is also a franchise company. CruiseShipCenters mainly deals with cruises and traveling.

In choosing the right franchise company, it is important that you first study the industry that you want to be in.

This way, you will be sure that you will not have hard time running and doing the business. Although this is not required, this will provide you an edge in doing or running the business.

CruiseShipCenters is a good franchise company to consider if you love traveling. CruiseShipCenters mainly provides its client in traveling, hotel, flight, and vacation packages. CruiseShipCenters is one among other types of businesses that does not require that much of a capital.

In case you do not have enough capital for your CruiseShipCenters franchise, there are several organizations that might be able to help you. These are lending companies. They help individuals with their funding in their business. Alternatively, you can inquire in your local government if they provide similar service with that of a lending company. But make sure that you borrow only the amount of money that you are sure that you can pay. You must put into consideration the amount of interest of the loaned money, the higher the amount, the higher the interest and other fees. You do not want to end up using all of your profit in paying for the borrowed money’s interest and being in debt eventually.

The total investment that a franchisee should put in a CruiseShipCenters franchise is around $110,400 to $155,955 and there is also a franchise fee of $25,000. You should also take note of the ongoing royalty fee of 9%. The term or contract is good for 5 years and it is renewable.

Statistics shows that 3% of the total number of franchisees own more than one franchise. This is because of the minimal number of employees needed to be able to run the business. The minimum of number of employees to be able to operate the business is 2.

When it comes to support and training, CruiseShipCenters provides its franchisees the necessary knowledge they must have through seminars and training. All franchisees will receive one-week training at the CruiseShipCenters’s main branch and training at the franchisee’s location once every quarter.

CruiseShipCenters also provides its franchisees support through newsletters, meetings, and web or internet. The support encompasses a variety of fields, fields such as security precautions, safety procedures. CruiseShipCenters also will conduct a field evaluation of necessary.

If you choose CruiseShipCenters as your franchise company, you will never have a problem in advertising your franchise because CruiseShipCenters will provide you all the necessary knowledge when it comes to advertising your franchise. CruiseShipCenters will help you in co-op advertising, ad slicks, national media, and regional advertising.


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