Become a Cruise Agent

To become a cruise agent is really easy. You will simply have to get a diploma from an online school program on travel agents and have considerable experience in the industry.

Internships or OJTs can be of great help to you. You can apply at local travel agencies and gain hand-on experience. After several years, you can now become an independent contractor.

Increasing Demand for Cruise Agents

The demand for cruise agents is going to increase until the year 2016. With the many opportunities in the cruise industry, it’s a good idea to become a cruise agent. Current agents are now in their retirement age and if you enter now, you may have a chance to get hired and enjoy a promising career in the years to come. The job usually entails a lot of computer usage since you will be conducting researches on pricing as well as finalizing various travel itineraries. To become a competent cruise agent, you should have similar professional experience and get a diploma as a travel agent. There are now vocational programs that you can take advantage of to earn the needed diploma.

Use the internet to locate online schools that offer programs in travel agents. Most online programs are self paced and the tuition is only around $1,000. Since the programs are self paced, you can take it anytime you want even if you have a current job. If you have a lot of free time, you can apply for internship so that you can get on the job experience. Administrative positions in the local travel agencies are a great way to gain experience. Once you’ve earned your diploma, you can now start applying in different travel agencies.

Specialization in Cruises

With considerable experience, you can get promoted to cruise sales. Specializing in cruise sales can be hard especially as a beginner. Some of the most successful cruise agents now have their own company but as a newbie, you should learn the basics first. Gaining in-house experience can put you at an advantage. Building clientele alone requires a lot of skills and experience. After many year of working, you can consider becoming an independent contractor or cruise agent. This can be a touch job but if you’re confident enough, you can pull it off.

The good thing about becoming an independent cruise agent is that you can work at home at your most convenient time. To be successful in this profession, you should build goodwill and great relationships with different cruise agencies. A lot of cruise agencies are considering outsource work as it is cheaper so this may be your chance to enter the scene and make more money. You can also join organizations like National Association of Career Travel Agents. The organization provides educational opportunities and online seminars on cruise travel and the new industry trends. Membership fee is only $145. This is a good investment especially if you’re an independent cruise agent.


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