Search Engine Marketing Career

In the online world people make roughly 7 billion searches monthly, and these statistics are for the US alone, what more for the other countries around the world!

Knowing that alone is enough to make one completely aware of just how much money people are making off the internet.

Search Engine Marketing is when you make a website or homepage searchable through the internet on search engines. Because the internet is public domain, the page is accessible from any part of the globe that has internet access. This is what makes marketing and advertising so easy and successful. People search on the internet for anything and everything they want to learn about, be it about a new product, the latest movies, educational courses, health concerns and so much more.

It is through search engine marketing that rankings on sites are made on search engines. These search engines rank sites in accordance to a specific set of parameters that label the websites under a particular category. These rankings are made credible by the quantity and quality of the sites that are linked to it. This is another type of advertising which involves payment as per click on a specific advertisement on a site.

Online Public Relations, writers and marketers are what comprise the search engine marketing career. These types of jobs are usually available home based and are mostly handled at the leisure of the employee. It is through this that there has been a significant growth and development of online jobs in the past few years, offering work to anyone credible for it regardless of specific work times or office hours. The salaries of search engine marketing professionals’ ranges from an annual salary of $30,000 to $250,000, depending on the position, the employer and the years of experience.

There are certain skills that are needed to become a search engine marketing professional, these include excellent communication skills, both written and oral, a good analytical ability, a constant urge for learning, sales and marketing skills, computer literate, some may eve need to be specific program and programming literate and have creative thinking skills. Some jobs require specific skills though not to worry, since more often than not these skills may also be obtained through internet use and be learned and acquired online.

These kind of careers however are highly versatile and do not provide a stable and constant source of income because of their unpredictable availability. With proper knowledge and skill with regards to the ups and downs of the search engine marketing careers however, one can use this type of career to its full optimization and extent.


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