Open Educational Outfitters Franchise

Achieve your full potential of providing and delivering the best school uniforms and dress code apparels with the help of Educational Outfitters.

As one of the most successful in this line of business, it will never be that much risky for you as a businessman to invest with Educational Outfitters and be part of their growing business.

Transcending your passion to textile business to a profitable venture will never be as tough as you have imagined it simply by franchising Educational Outfitters.

In choosing which to franchise, one thing, make sure that it is of good reputation in the business. Definitely, you would not want to deal with businesses with not so good record for it will mess up your business career. What you should seek for is its industry performance and how other businesses look up to it. Hence, one good example is the Educational Outfitters.

Educational Outfitters’ is committed on providing school uniforms including logo, skirts, blouses, jackets and even custom embroidery. Moreover, their services extend to corporate wear and athletic wear to offer customers a wide range of products and services. Educational Outfitters is one of the premiers in this kind of industry. They are known for their consistency in quality in both their products and services and on how they value building good relationships with clients. Educational Outfitters ensures that every customized order reached the expectation and satisfaction of the customers. This is one way of earning their trust and loyalty to the business.

To qualify as one of the franchisee, financial data are as follows: start up cost for the business ranges from $150,000 to $250,000 depending on the scope and or vastness of the operation. Further, capital required to qualify as franchisee is $82,600 to $198,200 while the liquid capital requirement is set at $82,000. Third party financing is, on the other hand, available.

Apart form financing aid, the company also provides training for staffs. The company made sure that they are able to pass on to the franchises the manners by which quality can best be achieved. Standard operating procedures for business transactions are also part of the training program. Management support will always be present and will be on going ensuring that the business is going the way it should be.

Since this business has its peak season, school season in particular, there is no doubt that marketing initiatives should be drawn strategically. Hence, Educational Outfitters, aside from school uniforms have the variation of corporate wear, athletic wear and other dress code apparel with the aim of being in demand all year round.

Educational Outfitters guarantees support in terms of business operations. Being in the business for years, their operational system has been proven effective and thus all franchises are assured for an effective system to run their business.


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