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The Tutor Doctor provides one on one tutoring that gives students the opportunity to avoid high cost educational assistance and expensive overheads.

Franchises are available throughout the country and master licenses are also available internationally in several other countries.

Considering that many children may not be as adapt to today’s educational system, there is a growing need of a way to give the children a heads up in their education. Through the Tutor Doctor you will be able to provide quality education in the comfort of the clients own home. Therefore not only does the franchise offer an independent income to the franchisee but also the fulfillment of helping with the education of the youth of today. The Tutor Doctor Business model is a proven system that utilizes virtual tutors, therefore eliminating the high overhead costs. As a franchisee you will be working with different qualified and well established tutors, that will enable you to effectively match the tutoring to the specific needs of the child or student.

The only prerequisite to becoming a Tutor Doctors franchisee is the willingness and desire to learn the system that will guarantee a change in children’s lives. Tutor Doctor students have seen a 10-20% increase in marks within the first 6 months and over 70% f the customers purchase the services after the free assessment. The custom made programs are designed by education experts specifically to meet the needs of children of all ages through both online and one on one tutoring. Tutor Doctor Franchisees are given the unique opportunity to utilize “The Big Apple”, the company’s centralized customer relationship management software system that will help with the academic services and tutor management.

To become an ideal franchise owner, you will need to have a firm passion and belief for the educational services that the institution will offer. You will engage and involve yourself in local and regional community programs and educational institutions that will help you to provide out of school service to the students. There is no office space required since the services will be provided in the client’s own home. There will also be no need for a permanent staff since all the tutors operate contractually.

The total investment necessary is $53,800 to $161,250, with a franchise fee of $39,700 - $127,700. The ongoing royalty fee is 8% and the term of agreement is non renewable. Qualifications include a net worth requirement of: $50,000 - $75,000. As per operations are concerned the franchise may be run from home however absentee ownership of franchise is not allowed. Training and support will be provided by their backed up CRM system. Franchise owners will be supplied with workbooks and DVDs that will in turn be distributed to the contracted tutors. Guidance and support in all areas of marketing will also be provided.


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