How to Open Beat the Bookstore Franchise

Compared to the basic commodities, the cost of many college textbooks has reached a point of going out of hand for most students. In fact, in an article, “When Books Break the Bank”, published in The New York Times on September 2003, it has been said that in the past twenty years, prices of textbooks have soared and reached a rise of 238% or almost more than double its original price then.

Compare this to the goods which only have risen to about 51%. Moreover, in a study conducted by the National Association of College Stores, students in the United States spent an average of $807 for their books and school supplies during the school year 2002-2003, compared to $619 spent in 1999-2000. This can be interpreted as a 30% rise in only a span of three years.

With the mentioned circumstances, it is no longer surprising that most students are frustrated by the bookstores in their campuses. These students perceive these bookstores to be unjust as they offer soaring costs, very low buy-back value and as well as the poor quality of service.

It was in the light of the above mentioned that the founders of Beat the Bookstore, Mike Winward and David Monk, recognized the need for competition against university-owned bookstores as these were monopolizing the sales of college textbooks. This consequently leads to the unmerciful scathing of finances of many college students in the United States. Mike and David thought that with their skills and experience, they may have the ability to take on and compete with the college textbook industry. With this, the concept of Beat the Bookstore was born: “It is centered on catering to students, not publishers, wholesale companies, authors or administrators.”

The opening of the first store was a giant success. The location was flooded by students who came in by hundreds. A second location was opened in Utah and was received just the same. Inspired by this, Mike and David decided for further expansion on a national level.

How to open a Beat the Bookstore franchise is easy and rewarding. More than that, you are also assured that your investment is not going to waste. Franchising Beat the Bookstore will provide you the following:

  • Advanced software. This will serve to help you in the management, control and operations of your store.
  • Top of the line customer service program. The principle of the customer service program is simple: Respect the students.
  • Tested marketing strategies. All promotions appeal directly to the heart of the students. This results in word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Support. Support services provided to Beat the Bookstore franchise owners include extensive training, instructional operations manual, assistance during site selection and ongoing marketing and operations support. Also, there is a personal Beat the Bookstore field representative who will conduct visits to your stores periodically to provide help and assistance in anything else you need help with.

Rule of thumb in the franchise of Beat the Bookstore is that there can only be one Beat the Bookstore at any college or university. This pertains to the exclusivity of a location to one franchisee.


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  • kristie alkire said on August 8, 2013
    I live in Oklahoma and would like to open my own store. Please call me at 405-371-5624


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