Kumon Math & Reading Centers Franchise

For many years now, Kumon Math & Reading has been the top-class after-school education center that has the staff and professional instructors that specializes in both mathematics and reading.

The Company requires each interested franchisee with a basic experience in education. The high-level of instruction manuals requires operation lead from people who knows how the education system in his/her area works.


Kumon has an eye on educators and businessman alike who wants to help in increasing the literacy in their respective regions and help in the fast advancement of students in reading skills and mathematical problems. The company requires each franchisee to attend their own franchises, which means that absentee ownership is not allowed.

Start up Costs Kumon Math and Reading Franchise Business

The expected starting cost for one Kumon Math and Reading franchise is around $10,000 to $ 30,000. It is relatively cheap compared to other centers offering the same services. The amount, likewise, covered the $1,000 initial franchising fee charged by the company upon signing the 2-year contract.

Return of Investment

The Company has registered around hundreds of millions in profit worldwide. With the large corporate style of business, your own Kumon franchise will be soon self sustaining depending on the area covered. The more students that was enrolled too your centers, the more profit will be on hand. However, the company will be charging an investor with a $30 royalty fee with every student acquiring its services.

Trainings and other administrative offers

Kumon offers its co-owners with free staff training. This training includes advance mathematics and reading skills practice to be at par with the world standards in such businesses. Usually, a post-college degree is also available for those who wanted higher knowledge in the field. The company’s regional offices are in-charge of everything. One franchise can be run by 2-3 people depending on the number of students enrolled to the program.

Promotions and Advertising

The regional office will also be in charge of the advertising guidelines for your franchise. These ads include toll-free hotlines, internet advertising, brochures, grand openings, and even school meetings to allow you to talk and discuss the company’s profile to the parents who wanted their children enrolled in your program. Other advertising techniques are regional advertising and co-op advertising to lower the price need in investment for one ad.


  • Alpa ajmera said on February 19, 2014
    I want to start the franchise in Kolkata
  • deepti agarwal said on September 6, 2014
    hi i want to start kumon franchise in kalkaji delhi. We have an excellent setup and situated in prime location


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