Owning a Keller Williams Realty Franchise

Owning a Keller Williams Realty Franchise may be the wisest thing that you could do. This company has a fair and generous profit sharing scheme that will help you grow your business.

Also, startup costs are very minimal, and you can never go wrong with their comprehensive training to back you up.

Keller Williams Realty Inc. was founded in 1983 at Austin, Texas. It’s a real estate company with over 650 offices across Canada and United States. When it began franchising since 1991, phenomenal success and growth came in the following years. Right now, the firm is the third largest in the U.S.

Keller Williams Realty Franchise Business Guide

This company encourages agents to recruit people and award them through profit-sharing. The curriculum paths have been set out for Team Leaders, Meta Agents, or simple Agents. Courses for management and office staff are also available.

Keller Williams Realty Franchise believes in education so much. It invests heavily in their structure in order to provide the very best to their agents and brokers. For example, agents are provided with email, websites, online management portal, and more.

Almost every forum would talk about Keller Williams Realty Franchise and would praise it for the way that it works. The philosophy and goal of the company is “To build lives worth living, businesses worth owning, and careers worth having.”

Startup Cost for Keller Williams Realty Franchise

Although the franchise fee is only $25,000, total investment is typically from $174,600-$557,500. With this, you get ongoing training both at headquarters and franchisee’s location.Marketing support such as in-house marketing department and national media will also be given. Other support includes internet, meetings, newsletter, and field operations/evaluations.

There may be a $150,000 cash liquidity requirement for all franchisees. The good thing is, you only need 3-4 employees in order to run one franchise unit. This franchise must be profitable because 30% of franchisees own several units. Also, absentee ownership is allowed (only 85% of franchisees are owner/operators).

The company offers the agent a 70% split, while the brokerage gets the capped amount. So for instance, when an agent has already hit the quota for a certain amount to be given to the office, then 100% of the succeeding commissions can be given to the agent. The cap amount may vary by office, but this method would allow high producing agents to be rewarded by capping their office contribution.

This business model also grows the pool of agents by offering profit sharing arrangement. The basis is actual brokerage business profits and not commission percentage. This means that the associates would get a share of operational profits from the brokerage owners.

So when one agent recruits another, and the recruited agent recruits another, the first agent would still be provided with profit share from the third one. This type of arrangement can go down until the seventh level.


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