How to Become Primrose School Franchisee

If you’re wondering how you can start a franchise business, the answer is right in front of you. You can become a Primrose School franchisee.

Aside from earning money, you will also have a chance to serve the younger generation and take part in their learning process. This is a worthy investment that you need to consider.

Basic Considerations

There are some things that you need to consider if you want to become a Primrose School Franchisee. The company has already proven its success in the market but since you’re just starting out, you can never be too sure. This new venture can be quite rewarding if the market conditions favor you and if you have the right skills and qualifications. You will need to be committed and you should work hard to ensure success.

This is a decision that you need to think carefully. Try to evaluate the situation from a business perspective. Conduct a research so that you can gather all the important information. Do you have the skills to manage a school? What is your current lifestyle? Check out Primrose School’s website now and read the disclosure document. You can also consult your lawyer about it just in case you can’t understand the terms. You can also talk to the school’s franchising team. Talk to at least 5 team members so that you can get an unbiased and honest evaluation. You can learn many things by reading the disclosure document. Chapter 13 is about the secrets to success while chapter 15 will discuss on the decision making tools. The startup cost is quite high and can range from $2,800,000 - $4,200,000. This is rather big but this is an excellent franchise opportunity that you shouldn’t pass.

Allowed States

If you live in these states – Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, Indiana., Kentucky, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vermont, Texas, Washington DC, and Virginia – Primrose School is not currently offering any franchises in these areas because they are still not registered there. If you live in other states that were not mentioned above, you can contact the company and inquire about the franchising opportunities. Primrose Schools focus greatly on quality. You will need to have a proven business expertise, the passion to improve the community, and love for children. As the franchisee, you will also act as the general manager of the school to ensure quality of the school. In most cases, the franchisee has their children in Primrose School as well.

You will need to fill up the pre-qualification form so that Primrose School can determine if you’re a good candidate for the franchise. Remember that if your area is not supported by the school, you will not be qualified to open a franchise. Since you’re putting up a school, this would entail huge capital and so you will need to have a high net worth since this is another consideration. Don’t forget to comply with Primrose School’s terms.

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  • Michelle Roos said on August 15, 2010
    VERY interested in opening a Primrose in the Aledo, Weatherford, Willow Park area outside of Fort Worth Texas. Any info is appreciated!


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