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Have you ever thought of becoming a good leader and then coaching others to do exactly what you did? Organizations need to change in order to prosper.

But when there is resistance to this change, starting a Leadership Management Institute will help thousands of organizations and leaders worldwide to be competitive in this challenging global economy. Check it out here.

Originally, Leadership Management Inc. (LMI) was intended as a sales division designed for leadership and management development programs in 1966. By 1970, it has become a permanent fixture in management and personal development marketplace. Today, LMI is growing at a rapid pace since it has a process of comprehensive leadership development including a new focus on ethical and effective leadership as well as a common sense approach directed to organizational planning.

Leadership Management Franchise Business Plan

LMI is operating in more than 60 countries and its materials are translated in 20+ languages. They have wide representation in the United States by certified, professional, franchise owners. Today there are a lot of entrepreneurial business opportunities but LMI may be the right choice since franchisees have already established an LMI business for 20-35 years.

Here are some of the competitive advantages of LMI:

  • It has an executive coaching model which is not an ordinary catchy exercise or an excerpt from videos or books.
  • It has thousands of clients found in the national client list belonging to hundreds of diverse industries.
  • It has more than 40 years in operational experience.
  • It has full line of assessments and professional tools.
  • It has the Distance Learning Formats advantage.
  • It’s one of the few development and training companies worldwide with ISO Certification.
  • It has a Leadership Development Process that’s proven and supported as research-based data and statistically validated.

Leadership Management Franchise Business License

LMI is serving many markets but the small and medium sized businesses with 25-500 employees are its number one market. Using its 40 years of experience, it provides on-going support as well as initial start-up training for their new Franchise Partners. Hands-on support is being offered through lead referral programs, collaboration program matching new and experienced partners, national and international conventions, regional meetings, and home office teleconferencing.

Franchise investment is only $30,000 including on-going support, materials, and initial training. They will conduct a personal interview with you on the phone to determine mutual interest. Then, when they’ve identified that you meet their qualifying standards, they will suggest an appointment or face-to-face interview in their home office.

Take note that LMI defines the organization’s daily operations as a “process” which includes the sum of the organization’s systems, actions, and attitudes. The quality of this process will determine the future of the organization, and the LMI Process will surely enhance that to deliver guaranteed results.


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