Bathtub Installation Business

and guests usually judge a home through its bathroom. Wouldn’t you want to repair, refresh, or spruce up your bathroom? Many people feel the same way.

That’s why a business installing bathtubs can be profitable since it’s a matter of necessity for many people. Read on to see how to start bathtub installation business.

In the United States, more than 84 million are over 15 years of age. Most of these individuals have a home and at least one bathroom. This spells a huge number of bathtubs surrounding the residential market alone. You can also add motels, hotels, H.U.D. projects, military housing units, dormitories, and apartments to this equation to see the potential in the unlimited market of bathtub installation business.

Startup Bathtub Installation Business

Maybe you have tried installing your own bathroom or even your friend’s too. And you might be thinking of starting your own company on bathtub installation business. If you already have the skill, then it would be great. If not, however, here are the steps to remove an old bath tub and install a new one:

Removing the old bath tub

  • Turn off the water supply before draining the system.
  • Have a shallow bowl to catch any of the trapped water before using a hacksaw to cut the old pipes.
  • Lower the adjustable feed (if any) and push the bath down to break the master seal of the rim and bathroom walls.

Installing the new bath tub

  • Run ¾ inch (22m) supply pipes to the existing ones to prepare the reconnection to the pipes already fitted on bath taps.
  • Slide the new bath into position while adjusting the flexible tap pipes to join the supply pipes.
  • Connect a 1 ½ inches (40mm) waste pipe to the soil stack or external hopper for the washbasin.
  • Check for leaks by restoring back the water supply before fixing the bath panels.

Marketing Bathtub Installation Business

When you’ve invested money to put up a business, you need to do everything you can to market it. Here are some tips to do so:

  • Join professional organizations in the industry such as Better Business Bureau chapter and the local chamber of commerce.
  • Form business alliance with hotels, property management companies, and remodelers by offering bulk pricing.
  • Consider hiring at least one administrative assistant that will maintain an appointment book, answer the telephone, and manage the company’s records.
  • Set the fees by determining your hourly labor rate and cost of materials.
  • Purchase bulk supplies. Remember to keep the receipts for business expenses to file proper tax deductions and easily determine your supply costs.
  • Compile marketing materials with good visual elements. You may include photographs (before and after) of the bathtubs you have installed. Testimonials from your customers can also be powerful.


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