Buy an AmeriSpec Home Inspection Franchise

AmeriSpec continues to be number 1 in the home inspection industry. Now you can also experience the same level of success by availing a franchise opportunity.

People who are serious in wanting to buy an AmeriSpec Home Inspection franchise should read this article as we try to provide you access to many different information that would be necessary for you to decide if this is really right for you or not.

As you evaluate this franchise opportunity (or any other franchise business, for that matter), here goes several tips that you should also consider.
First and foremost, you should consider the position that the company occupies in the industry. It would be crucial for you to know that AmeriSpec has actually performed more inspections than other franchises in the past and they have approximately done 1.5 million home inspections starting last 1988. Merely knowing that figure can be of great benefit for you because it goes to prove that AmeriSpec has truly proven their system and business operation after all these years. They are really well-established and they even continue to innovate what they have so they can adapt to various circumstances and meet the needs of modern society as well.

In addition to that, you should also find out what the franchisees themselves think about the services and the business system itself. Ask them and try to discover if they are satisfied or dismayed by it. If you want a figure, allow us to tell you that AmeriSpec has a very high renewal rate among franchisees. Actually, the reports indicate that the numbers shoot up to 99.6% of their franchisees renew their contracts. If that isn’t enough to convince you, it would also be for your own good if you will realize that 29% of business owners even bought a second franchise and some 6% of them own a minimum of 3 or more units. Getting in touch with these franchisees and even asking them several questions could only attest the truth that these business owners are happy and satisfied with the profitable partnership that they have with AmeriSpec.
Moreover, AmeriSpec also has a solid support system and they make sure of that by assigning a specific Business Consultant for different business owners. The good thing here is that these consultants not only train franchisees with technical aspects of the home inspection business but even when it comes to business management, marketing and other related topics.

AmeriSpec’s tested technical expertise and professional services have really made it essential factors for them to merit the number 1 spot in the home inspection industry. As various entrepreneurs put their investments in these opportunities, there is really a big chance for them to earn substantially out of it. Besides, franchise fees are flexible and could be about $19,900 to $29,900. For the required liquid capital, it would mostly be around $24,600 - $63,550. For further details, you should immediately get in touch with them by dialing the right phone numbers or by looking for the needed information through their official website.


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