How to Start Oreck Clean Home Center Franchise

A well known company that has been around since 1963, you really can’t go wrong when you put your investment with them. Learn how to start an Oreck Clean Home Center Franchise the right way and know about the countless advantages that await you.

If you are a potential investor who wants to learn more about how to start an Oreck Clean Home Center franchise, then be assured that you are reading the right article.

To begin with, you should know that you have made a great choice by considering the Oreck Corporation. This is an established company that has been around since 1963 when David Oreck founded the first center at Rockefeller, New York. What did they have back then? Well, they only had an upright vacuum cleaner to sell.

Now that might not sound to be a revolutionary idea on it’s own but what’s amazing is in 1979, they’ve also started producing their own vacuums. They continue to do that right now straight from Cookeville, Tennessee. So even when they received a lot of criticisms (mostly, from their own competitors) in the beginning, all of them have been silenced as David Oreck continued improving his lightweight vacuums and sold them heavily to the hotels.

As a result, Oreck has become synonymous with easy-to-use yet powerful vacuums. Many housekeepers in the United States now prefer Oreck than any other brand and they are fondly referred to as the hotel vacuum available for the home. Shortly thereafter, Oreck got bigger and also started to have other home cleaning products such as handheld vacuums, canisters, air purifiers, floor cleaning machines, and many other related products.

When Tom Oreck, David’s son, took over the company in 1999, the business continued to grow rapidly and they’ve reached as far as Russia, England, Middle East, Canada and many other countries. They have also started branching out for franchises beginning in 2006 and as of the moment, they already have approximately 347 franchised units and that’s really a huge figure.

When you choose to do business with them in that aspect, you will truly have more benefits than you can initially see. You will have the upfront advantage of being part of a world-renowned company with a strong presence in the business of home care products.

Of course, widespread exposure through various media (print, radio, TV, etc) is only the beginning. Aside from the well-known brand name, their best selling products and powerful advertising campaigns, another thing that you can count on Oreck is that they have an established franchise system that should work for you. They will make sure that you could get started in the right way by giving you some extensive training and a lot of support and ongoing services afterwards. They will do it in a way that you will truly understand the business and could keep it running effectively.

The total investment is about $116,000 - $221,000. The franchise fee for standard and small market is both at $30,000 and a required monthly royalty fee of $500. Of course, there are also additional fees to pay and other requirements to meet. Getting in touch with them through the phone, mail or their official website can help you get more information. They could even address some specific questions that you have in mind.


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