Start an Anago Cleaning System Franchise

Anago Cleaning System offers each franchisee with a line-up of tremendous franchising opportunity that would fit the budget of their choice. The company IS NOT a cleaning business, but a franchisor.

Anago Cleaning System handles all the regional sub-contractor that holds exclusive territorial rights in the Anago Cleaning System.

If you acquire one regional office of Anago, then you’ll be in charge of all the training, sales, and support for all the sub-franchisees in your area of jurisdiction. You’ll be the one in charge of conceptualizing and research methodology. So why wait when you can have the distinction of being a white collar marketing executive in a very flexible budget.

One Master Franchise of Anago Cleaning System varies on the number of households that will be services in one territorial area. There can be up to six Master Franchise schemes that will be available in an area with around 300,000 to 3 million people.

Anago Cleaning System Franchising Cost and Fees

With this, the franchising fee will be around $165,000 for the 300 thousand people and up to $300,000 as you go up the ladders although you can be more affordable having down payment program of just $50,000, which is also negotiable.

Getting started with your own franchise is a breeze. Anago will help you to identify companies and building that needed your service in day one of your operations. The marketing team of Anago will sign the companies to your territory so you can earn on your first day.

The royalty fee also varies on how much you earn. It is also paid monthly to help you keep track of your accounting. Meanwhile, other fees such as the commission fees will be paid by the franchise units to the Master Franchisor of the region or area when they accepted the additional contracts that you will provide.

How much you can Earn from Anago Cleaning System

Different program levels of Anago give you the option of how you want to earn money. First is the part-time program where you can earn around $500 to $1,000 on a monthly basis. Next is the Full-time position for one person and around 3 helpers which can generate around $2,000 to $5,000 a month. The last is the Full-time supervised crews with more than $6,000 to $25,000 monthly income.

Anago Cleaning System Franchisee Training

The training and other support will be handed at your new Anago office. Site selection for buildings will also be available. Other support will include training for computer hardware and software and major telemarketing, sales and operations training.

The return of investment with Anago Cleaning System is simply off the charts. Major revenue sources will be from franchise fees, sub-franchise fees, and optional revenue sources like insurance, equipment leasing, and bonding.

Anago Cleaning System provides all the necessary things that you need to run the business start on the first day of operation. With modest cash payment to start the business, nothing is better than to have your own Anago Cleaning System franchise.

With Anago, you can start small (even part-time) with a modest cash down payment and finance the rest. Or jump right in at a higher level for greater revenue. Regardless of the entry level you choose. And you may step up to more accounts at any time.


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